12 May 2014

Autumn glory

Isn't autumn a glorious time of the year?  The liquidamber in our front garden is spectacular, ablaze with its golden, orange and scarlet hues. I love the leaves on the ground too.  I can't wait until they have piled up enough for us to crunch crunch crackle through, and even to bury ourselves in.  I know, I'm such a child, but it is such very good fun being childlike.

The cooler temperatures have arrived, along with the shorter days, causing the leaves to stop producing their green chlorophyll, and allowing the beautiful yellow pigments to show through.  The yellows and oranges, along with the red colours produced by leaves under stress make a most exquisite display.

The claret ash in the courtyard.

Inside, we're lighting crackling fires, huggling under warm crochet blankets, and wearing lovely woollen clothes. I love living in a region with well defined seasons, but I think autumn is my very favourite.

Jemimah and I always love taking strolls around our country town inspecting the beautiful autumn foliage, but this year I think our own garden might be the most beautiful of all.

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  1. It IS very beautiful Jeanne! I love your garden.


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