20 Jun 2014


Our weekend started last night. Hubby had some (truly minor) medical procedures early this morning, and we had to be in Bendigo far earlier than is polite. Still, a long weekend has its own rewards, so we're happy.

Do you look forward to the weekends? I do. I love the more relaxed pace of our days, and I love having the three of us together for hours on end. Here's what I'm especially looking forward to this weekend:

:: Seeing the Australian Ballet performing Imperial Suite at the Art Centre on Saturday night, preceded by dinner at the Cafe Vic. Subscribing to the ballet season is one of the best things that we do together as a family. We all love it.

:: Finishing my book, Births, Deaths and Marriages by Georgia Blain. A memoir by the daughter of Ellis Blain and Anne Deveson, both icons of Australian journalism, and both part of my childhood, I feel sort of voyeuristic reading about what went on behind their closed front door, but it is actually a real good read, and I am enjoying it.

:: Doing a little bit of shopping for our trip. Only 16 sleeps to go. Can you believe it? We also need to purchase a gift for F-i-L's 80th birthday. Any ideas?

:: Having my hubby pain-free and happy.

:: Coffee, Thai food, lunch at my mum's, Sunday Worship, champagne - all the simple things that make weekends special.

Hope your weekend is just as good. What's on with you and yours?



  1. I like the sound of that "real good read" I hope hubby recovers well and all smooth sailing for the trip. Quiet weekend here, The usual routines which make it special which includes visiting Mum in her nursing home, lunch with brother and wife on Saturday (they are newly in town so this is a great pleasure) and dinner with the boisterous grandchildren. Tiring but fun making memories!

  2. Yes, love the weekends, and I especially love the weekends that lead into holidays! Like you said, it is the simple things that make a weekend great. Your holiday is drawing nigh, how very exciting for you all. Happy weekend! :)

  3. I'm working tomorrow. The kids and hubby may or may not be headed back down the coast to bring more stuff back. If they do, I'll treat myself to The Fault in Our Stars while they're away!

  4. Yes, I like the weekends. Saturdays are the day of the week that I usually get to sleep extra in the mornings. ;)

  5. I too love weekends :) After a busy week at work, it is nice to be a home pottering about and doing things I enjoy.


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