25 Sep 2014

Handwork inspiration

I've always enjoyed a bit of handwork. I'm a reasonable crocheter, a decent knitter. I've turned my hand to cross-stitch and tapestry with pretty good results. I'm a bit artistic. My table looks nice; my home is better decorated than some; the food on my plates is prettily arranged; my photos are okay.

My mother-in-law, on the other hand, is exceptional. (Above is a pic of her work. It hangs on the walls of Hereford Cathedral, and is St Thomas dressed in 13C vestments.) My M-i-L is a professional artist, and she lives and breathes artistic talent. Dinner may be late, but her life is filled with beauty. She is truly a wonderful lady, and is also an enthusiastic and inspirational teacher.

On our recent visit, Jemimah had the wonderful opportunity to spend lovely long summer days in GranniJean's beautiful studio. Here is what she created. None of these projects took more than an afternoon. Some are useful; others, like the stitch practice, may not be useful per se, but lead to further projects down the line. All are enjoyable, all are fun, all are things to be proud of.

Maybe they'll give you some ideas. They certainly inspire me. Grannijean seems to have that effect on people.

A sewing machine is now on the Santa list.

Silk dyed scarves.

Angelina fibre pieces ready for use in other projects.

Hessian coin purse, lined with felt.



A close-up of the fabric, made of wool pieces ironed onto fabric and over stitched. Amazingly beautiful.






A Yeti iPod cover. Yup.




  1. lol I thought the yeti was Cousin It! My aunt was like that. Such fun people.

  2. Wow! Looks like Jemimah inherited talent from you and her Grandma! Beautiful crafty projects. I love the scarves, and the shell. And the overstitched project gave me an idea of what I can do with a similar project I found the other day, from two or three years ago!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Jeanne
    What a talented mil! and what a precious time for J to spent with her!

  4. Fabulous. I absolutely adore the Hessian coin purse, lined with felt. What marvelous opportunities for Jemimah. Thanks for sharing her crafts.

  5. Jemimah is so blessed to have such a great family! I want to trade places with her. I am not creative but Madison so is. I don't know where it comes from! Love the Yeti ipod cover!

  6. Great job, J!!!! Does M-In-L have a web site or gallery's website? Love to see more.

  7. Jeanne, could I include this in this week's Carnival of Homeschooling?

  8. The carnival is up now: http://deweystreehouse.blogspot.ca/2014/10/carnival-of-homeschooling-458-wonder-of.html . Thanks!


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