23 Nov 2014

Just for fun

These are some of the interesting culinary implements from our kitchen drawers. I thought it would be fun to see who could identify them all. There are no prizes - other than the satisfaction of knowing how clevah you are, of course, mainly because there is one item in there that we're not quite certain of ourselves. Anyhow, give it a bash!


  1. Umm...LOL! I have no clue, but I'll give it a go! :P 1. A roast fork 2. A beautiful knife ;) 3. A grapefruit spoon (at least that's what I'd like to have it for!!!) 4. A fork for a person with very short arms 5. I have no idea!!! 6. A melon baller 7. A tea strainer thingy :P 8. A smaller roast fork ;) 9. An diabolical tongs 10. A wine cork remover 11.A sugar spoon 12. A spatula 13. A small tongs for cheese. :D

  2. #1 might be a toast fork, #2 is just a steak knife, I think. #3 is a jelly server! #4 an oyster fork? #7 a relish spoon, #10 for breaking lobster shells?

  3. 9 ice tongs
    7 tea strainer
    1 toasting fork
    3 grapefruit spoon?
    10 either for taking a sample from cheese or something for wine

    Others? No clue!


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