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Little Library

Posted by Jeanne

While I was in Canada for L'HaRMas, recently, I spied my very first Little Free Library. Such a great idea!

Have you see one? Used one? Created one of your very own? Do tell.

Take a look at the map to find a Little Library in your area. They're even in Australia!



Sarah said...

Cute! You would be hoping to find something worth the read.

Dawn said...

Isn't this just the best idea? I saw our first one when we lived in MN and were taking a nature walk in the neighborhood. My oldest son was 5 at the time and was enthralled with this lovely library under a huge pine tree in someone's front yard. He actually drew it as his nature journal entry that day.

I have seen several since, both in MN and now in GA. I would love to build one for our front lawn someday, too, when we are permanently settled once again.

Mama Squirrel said...

I count about 13 in our urban area (from the list). I knew they were around but didn't know there were so many of them here.

Tearri Rivers said...

Love the mystery of what one can find in the Little Free Libraries. We are blessed to host one for our neighborhood. Fun! Thank you for sharing.

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