15 Dec 2014

First aiding

We know from the PNEU Programmes that students in Charlotte Mason's schools did First Aid in Forms III and IV as part of the subject called Work, but we don't need an excuse to be up to date with this really, do we?

Our family has done an Advanced Life Support course every year since Jemimah was 8, but this year we combined that with a snake and spider bite first aid course as well, which is sort of useful given the sorts of creepy crawlies we have around here. It was great.

Here's Jemimah doing CPR on baby Anne. Actually, she's saying, "Hurry up and take the photo, Mummy, or the baby's gonna die!" Examiner, Lee, agrees with her.

Next, Daddy works on Anne.

Two breaths to thirty compressions is the rule for an infant in Australia (other countries are different). Fortunately, she survived. Yay!

Compression bandaging a snake or spider bite. The second most venomous snake in the world, the Eastern Brown, is on our doorstep, and they've been very active in town this year as they look for water. It's good to know what we're doing if we're bitten.

Other participants work on Little Annie. She lives on as well, despite her severe injuries and lack of limbs. She is fun to shock with the defib, though. Heh.


  1. What a brilliant idea to take this course as a family. Thank you for sharing, Jeanne. This is going straight into my notes for future reference. As always - Jemimah is SUCH a joy to look at. Beautiful girl. But I still want her hair,

  2. The dolls they use in Canada are also called Anne! I guess she gets around.


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