25 Feb 2015

A teeny tiny treasure

My family has recently started a big decluttering project, ridding drawers and shelves of superfluous stuff. It is very satisfying, and while it is still early days, we are already enjoying our newly cleared and organised spaces.

There is another advantage to decluttering too, one that I hadn't really thought of, and that is that because you're opening drawers and cupboards and boxes that you don't often open, you find things. Things that you didn't even know you'd lost. Today I found my 'precious box'. You can see a photo of it down the bottom of the post. It's just a cardboard box filled with things that are precious only to me, and every one is filled with precious memories.

One of the items inside is this teeny tiny Bible, and because you're all bibliotragics like me, I thought you might like to see inside. Isn't it beautiful? The words are legible if your eyesight is good enough, and it is illustrated with many line drawings. It was a gift to me from my mum and dad when I was still a teenager, I think.

Here's my precious box. Perhaps one day I'll show you what else is hidden inside. Would you like to see? Do you have a precious box from your youth? What do you keep in yours?


  1. Oh MY. That is beautiful! (What is a bibliotragic? My online definer came up with nothing.)


  2. I prefer the term "bibliobabe." That sweet little Bible truly must have belonged to Arrietty. Oh, and if that is a little silver pencil in your precious box I also had one in mine. My box may still be hidden in a stair step of the house we lived in until I was a teenager. It also contained a tiny pink rubber ball and a buffalo nickel among other things. xxooxx

  3. I'm with Richele! Any day I can be called babe is a good day. Tragically I do not have a box from my youth so I will live vicariously through you.

  4. I have two boxes. My father made them both for me. One is from my youth and has youthful tokens in it as well as small momentos from two babies that I lost when I was in my mid twenties.
    The second box my father made me from my grandparents from door, which he salvaged when they passed and the housecwas being sold. A very special gift due to the fact that as a child, that door was always available for me to push open. I had free access to my grandparents who lived next door as my siblings and I were growing up. I haven't put anything in it as of yet. The box is special enough. Isn't it?

  5. Very sweet. I have nothing hidden away in drawers :( as go through everything quite frequently to make sure there isn't a build up of stuff. It would be exciting to find things like this hidden away in my house.

  6. Oh how beautiful. Thank you for all the photos. I love the nail polish! I am decluttering too!
    So thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Just so you know, the nail polish is on Jemimah. Her nails spell Birthday Girl!


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