12 Feb 2015

Balinese banana smoothies


Banana smoothies are one of our favourite morning pick-me-ups during the hot summer months. They're quick, easy, healthy and delicious. What's not to love about that?

I first fell in love with ice cold smoothies in Bali, and we watched plenty of them being made behind the counter, so this is where the recipe comes from. I love that it contains yoghurt and water instead of milk. It still tastes great, but it's much better for you.

Anyhow, into your blender put a good handful of ice, a ripe banana, 160g or so of natural yoghurt (that's the amount in a small tub, and I'm just guessing here), a teaspoon of sugar or a drizzle of honey to taste, half a teaspoon of vanilla essence and some water. About a cup, I guess. Can you tell that it doesn't matter if you don't measure? Then blend for a bit, and voilà, it's done.




  1. We love smoothies here too! We often have them once home from the beach on a hot day :)

  2. YUM! We are smoothie drinkers in our household too. I haven't tried without milk, so am going to do this. They are a wonderful refresher on those hot days.

  3. We love smoothies also. Every summer we go blueberry picking and stock the freezer with gallons of frozen berries. Those make such good smoothies. And the dark color hides the green of spinach.

  4. Looks good and I love smoothies - always looking for new ideas and I like the recipe of hot pink smoothie - thanks for sharing!


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