5 Feb 2015

Upper level narration

Jemimah's written narration topic for today:

Compare and contrast the enforcement of common law in Anglo-Saxon England and Europe that you read about in What Happened to Justice with the system in the ancient Polylerites of Persia described by Master Raphael Hythloday in yesterday's reading of Thomas More's Utopia.

And some people say that CM narration is easy. Bwahaha.



  1. What? That made me pause to think. You are a hard task master. lol

  2. Oh my!!! Do you set the questions or preset? That's an indepth one and one I freely I admit is way over my head.....When B finishes I think I need to go back to study!

  3. Maybe it was easier if you'd read the books, Ruby!

  4. Thankyou for sharing Jeanne. This is something that I need to work on.

  5. Lost my comment.... I work with struggling Associates-level and Bachelor's-level college students. That is ABOVE the level of analysis they are asked to do! Well done on writing such an excellent questions--whether it was you, Jeanne, or the AO ladies as a group, well do! That not only prepares her for college, but for real world on-the-job thinking and problem analysis!


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