24 Jun 2015

More signs of hope

The Japonica is beginning to bloom. Isn't it so very lovely?

I know I'm beginning to get boring, But my Book of Firsts is giving me such pleasure. I can't wait to be able to look at past years and compare.

You don't need to be a notebook keeper to live a Charlotte Mason lifestyle, but if you do want to, these books are just delightful, and they're a joy to keep.

I don't know that I even would have noticed the japonica blooms otherwise. And that would be most very sad.

Are you a Keeper too?



  1. This year is the first year when I've noticed how many roses there are in June here. Everywhere I look, roses! They're just spectacularly beautiful and I can't understand how I never noticed before, unless it's because this is the first June for at least fifteen years when I haven't had exams. Sad, really. You're right though, when you start to actively look, you see so much beauty.

  2. I need to try that some time. Maybe my next New Year's project.

  3. They are beautiful. I'm not a keeper yet.


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