9 Sep 2015

Innocence and trust

The happiness of that afternoon was already fixed in her mind, and always would the scent of freesia recall it to her mental sight, for among the smells of the roses and violets and lilies and wall-flowers, the smell of the freesia penetrated, as a melody stands out from its accompaniement, and gave her the most pleasure.

The Way Things Happen by Hugh De Sélincourt


Freesias make me happy.

It may be just that they forecast the beginning of the warmer spring weather, but I just adore their colours too: white, cream, yellow, mauve and purple. Don't they look beautiful bunched together like that and sitting in my kitchen?

In the language of flowers, freesias symbolise innocence and trust. I can see why.

Modern freesias have little scent, but the older, less brightly colourful ones are gloriously fragrant. Mine are old. Possibly even older than me. And they smell every bit as wonderful as they look.



  1. Our roadsides are seeded with escaped old varieties. The smell as spring approaches is heady.

  2. Hi Ganeida. It makes my heart sing to see you visiting me here. ❤️

  3. "the smell of the freesia penetrated, as a melody stands out from its accompaniement" What a lovely thought! Those are just beautiful, Jeanne!!!!

  4. I love all the flowers blooming around me. Wattle is actually one of my favourite flowers. I also love Waratahs and Proteas as well. So beautiful yet so strong.
    I need to make an effort to make sure I know what our local flowers are.
    Thank you for this post..


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