29 Sep 2015

Take an afternoon off

Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.

Charlotte Mason, Home Education p42

We took the afternoon off today because...well, let me show you:







If you stay inside on a day like today just to get your reading done and work a maths sheet, then we reckon you have your priorities wrong. Work hard when you're working, but play hard when you're not.

Miss Mason tells us the never be inside when you can rightly be without. I don't know about you, but this seems easier when our kids are young, doesn't it? By the time they're in years 7 and 8, (that's High School in Australia), we've started to get all serious about the academic stuff - the maths and the science and the written narrations, and practicing our two modern and one ancient language every day.

Spending half a day or more outside every week? Ain't nobody got no time for that, right? Wrong. In the years when your child is independent, when she spends much of each day reading and writing alone in her room, time outside is more important than ever. Time to walk together, talk together, laugh together. Don't miss a single day. She will be grown and gone all too soon.

When the weather is like today's, and the gazanias look like this, you really have no choice, do you? Binary multiplication can wait until tomorrow, and everything will be alright. I promise.









  1. Good reminder!!! We've had gorgeous weather here and we have been taking advantage of it. That brilliant blue sky and the gorgeous flowers are just lovely! Thanks for sharing, Jeanne! :)

  2. What a beautiful walk! I used to hate the fall, but as I do nature study and start to really *see* the fall, and the late flowers like the ones you found... it's definitely growing on me. Your photos transport me; they are so very lovely. Thank you for sharing them.


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