30 May 2016

Karlimoot the scarlet robin


The sweet little Sarlet Robin, Petroica boodang, has returned to our patch of Central Victorian bush for the winter, and I was delighting in their antics this afternoon. They're impossible for me to photograph, though - too quick and too small, so I grabbed a photograph from this page. Pop over there to find out about Victoria's other red robins -we have five.

Noongar Aboriginal legend tells us that long ago during the Dreamtime, Chitty-Chitty the wagtail and Karlimoot the scarlet robin were in a dispute over hunting rights. The two were forever fighting, and one day Chitty-Chitty attacked Karlimoot, hitting him in the face and making his beak bleed. The blood ran down his breast, forever staining his feathers red.

The fight still goes on to this day. Chitty-Chitty continues to chase Karlimoot from his territory, and remains king over the hunting ground. Bit of a bully, really.


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  1. I love robins. I have been absolutely delighted to see ours return to this area. We have several different ones: a yellow, a dusky, a scarlet, a rose ~ & a hooded, if I remember correctly though their proper names may be a little different. ☺ So happy for you. They are delightful birds.


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