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Mother's Day

Posted by Jeanne


Hello, dear mamas. I do hope your Mother's Day was as happy and peaceful as mine was. My day was filled with flowers, from this sweet little chrysanthemum boutonnière given to me by a delightful older lady at church, to the lovely bunches of pink roses arranged by Jemimah on my bedside table and vanity unit. I felt truly blessed, and much loved.

Our Mother's Day was simple, because, really, how complicated is it to give thanks to the mother in your life? We had no cards, no expensive gifts, no fuss. I heard people yesterday complaining about the commercialism of the day, but really, I didn't see it. Most of the mums at church had enjoyed a yummy breakfast ( eggs and bacon or pancakes seem to make most mums happy, it seems), some had received little gifts, or had planned a picnic or other outings, but really all the expensive fripperies were startlingly absent.

Mother's Day is about family, not stuff. It is about eating lunch together and showing each other that we care. And somehow, without the gifts and the brouhaha, I felt loved and special and truly blessed.

I hope you did, too. Happy Mother's Day, friends.



Rebecca said...

Happy Mothers Day! I had a lovely morning surrounded by my little ones, appreciating them appreciating me!

Melisa said...

Van Gogh with my oldest, my beloved and other 3 children filled my 2 large planters and planted my front flower bed, then dinner & backyard baseball at my MIL's house. It was a great day.

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