18 Nov 2008

The Summer Read - one for mum!

The Summer Read 2008 is here!

(A post especially for Sibella!)

I am sure it is not too great a stretch of the imagination for you to believe that I am a prolific reader. Now mostly I'm reading great Australian children's books with Jemimah, but I also love being a member of a wonderful CAE book club and getting together with 14 other like-minded women once a month to discuss good books written for adults. The books are not always ones I would choose - in fact some of them take me a little outside my comfort zone - but they are all good books and there is always a stimulating discussion. "Mum time" is rare in our home, and I love these evenings that are for me alone.

Our long Summer holidays allow a bit more time for us to relax and read lots of books, and each year I love to link into the summer reading programme our wonderful State Library of Victoria runs for adults .

Participating in The Summer Read involves choosing a book to read from the selection of 20 great books set in Victoria or written by Victorian authors. It is designed to promote Victoria's great authors, great books and great readers.

You can vote for your favourite selection and you get prizes for doing so, share your thoughts with others on The Summer Read blog, and attend author events around the state.

It's a wonderful initiative to encourage adults to read good books - not only aeroplane twaddle - and to learn more about our fantastic state and encourage our fantastic authors at the same time. I often get comments from mums saying that they don't know what to read - you're sure to find something good here!

The 20 chosen books are a diverse selection. These look good to me:

Dissection by Jacinta Halloran, a GP in Melbourne, about a dedicated doctor, Anna McBride, whose life begins to crumble when she is sued for medical negligence over a delayed diagnosis.

Growing up Asian in Australia edited by Alice Pung, an anthology by new and well-known Asian-Australian authors who share their courageous and often humorous stories of leaving home and finding their feet.

The Flavours of Melbourne by trained chef, Charmaine O’Brien, charts the culinary history of Australia's food capital, from pre-European times through the influence of postwar immigration to today.

Hmmm - maybe I'll just stop there...

I'll be reserving these three from our local library when the mobile library van next makes a visit! Anybody care to join me?

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