16 Feb 2009

25 random things about me!

I was tagged on Facebook by my friend, Sarah, to write this. Since it took so much time, I thought I'd post it here as well.

I guess you all know No 5, but there'll be a few things that surprise you, no doubt.

  1. I am a lemming. One day I will fall off the edge of the earth…

  2. I was shipwrecked in the Mekong River one New Year’s Eve along with some local Lao people. We had to get a local fisherman to charter a boat for us. We were all soaking wet and it was freezing!

  3. I was bullied at school and am still incredibly insecure.

  4. I once saved a guy from having an anaphylactic reaction to a scorpion sting. We were on a remote island on the Cambodian border. His hearing and sight had both shut down, but we kept him conscious until we got him to a doctor. I supplied the adrenaline – and a clean syringe!

  5. I homeschool my daughter and get incredible satisfaction from doing it.

  6. I use too many exclamation marks, dashes and …’s when I write – and I can’t write without them!...

  7. I have always wanted to visit Bhutan – and we are going in May!! You can’t believe how excited I am!

  8. I have driven a turbo-charged Bentley and a Ferrari, but my husband doesn’t like me driving his BMW.

  9. I am an excellent time manager, but my sister unfairly accuses me of running late for everything. At least I will have got lots of things done on the way!!

  10. I love etymology and read the dictionary for fun.

  11. I regularly write things in the air with my finger as I speak. You can stop me speaking by immobilising my left index finger…

  12. I collect Asian textiles – and I love Asian food. I generally choose my travel destinations based on a combination of these two factors. Bhutan has magnificent textiles – which is lucky, because I can’t imagine that chilli and yak cheese stew is going to become my new favourite dish.

  13. I was once caught in South West China over Chinese New Year and went ten days without food. It is amazing how easy it is to lose weight when you don’t eat.

  14. I have chewed qat in Yemen and drunk kava in Fiji and Vanuatu but have never even had a puff of a cigarette.

  15. I have an Honours Degree in Human Genetics and still have the ability to accurately tell the age of a mouse to within a few days when I see one. I do not empty mouse traps.

  16. There are 165 countries in the world. I have only been to 32 of them (or 35 if you call Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland separate countries rather than the UK.) That means that I have 133 countries still to visit. So many countries; so little time.

  17. I have made a free fall parachute jump. It was really exciting and a real adrenaline rush, but I have no desire to ever make another.

  18. I am a left handed redhead. I do not have any other recessive genetic characteristics that I wish to admit to.

  19. I have bathed in a crocodile infested river in the middle of Borneo. It doesn’t take long to get clean…

  20. I read all the time – in the loo; watching tele; in the car; in bed. I read kids books, magazines, novels, poetry, cookery books, dictionaries, travel books, homeschooling catalogues, Charlotte Mason’s homeschooling series and the Bible. I rarely read a newspaper.

  21. I love cooking. Mostly I cook Thai or Japanese food, but I like to bake as well.

  22. I love Wabi Sabi Japanese aesthetics and have decorated our home using its rules.

  23. I never dance. I met my husband at a dinner dance and danced all night.

  24. We met at a medical conference in Cape Schanck and got engaged on a beach in Phuket. I am still madly in love with him…

  25. I am pathologically private, and never tell people things about myself unless I want them to know.


  1. Wow! You are one adventurous lady. I enjoyed reading about you, but now feel very boring;)!

  2. I agree!!! You are fascinating.

  3. wow, Jeanne! I know you *lot* better now ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing so much of your wonderful life - though I may not sleep tonight due to No. 19.

  5. Well, Jeanne, all this time visiting your blog and this is the first time I've read your fact file! Wow, I had a different picture of you, not sure why? Sometimes you click with some one and in real life you have a whole picture. On the net, unless you see a pic straight up you slowly build up a "profile" as you read the blogs.
    You have had one adventurous life!
    I had just read your post on the Maths program and was thinking about how organized and up on everything you are. Now I see you are very well educated as well and that fits nicely with all your informative posts.
    One thing I love about "meeting" christian women is that no matter how diverse the backgrounds and interests, loving the Lord gives a common bond.
    Well, a long comment. Thanks for all those great facts and sharing.

  6. oh this is great. I think I did it a while ago on my blog.

    I am not nearly as adventurous as you. I think I would rather not bathe at all rather than get into crocodile infested waters.

  7. So much of that made me laugh out loud...thank you for sharing that gave me a lift this morning! x

  8. First time visiting but I now have you bookmarked. Thank you for sharing about your life!

  9. #impressed

    (can you tell I've been reading your blog all week? :)

  10. Thanks, Amber. I consider that a compliment.

  11. Very interesting list! I'm with you on no. 10. Regarding no. 18, are you a tongue roller? :)

  12. I'm so glad I happened upon your blog! You have a wonderful way of putting together words and you deliver so much info! My adventures have been quite tame, but I think we share the same love for kids, books, and homeschooling!

  13. Hello there. I have stumbled across your blog and I am enjoying it immensely. I am a teacher, I will be teaching an alternative program of some description this year. I have no idea what we are doing, but I love the AO and CM stuff, it could work! I read you were in Central Victoria.....so am I. Maybe you can give me a little guidance and ideas? Any response to this will come to my email, so I'd love to hear from you.

  14. Happy to chat with you, Kewpie. You can PM me on A Peaceful Day's FB page if you want too. :)


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