21 Aug 2009


It's been a bad day at the office. Nothing has gone right. Lots has gone wrong. I have not been a good mum today. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I've been pretty terrible. Sadly.

I'd be suffering total meltdown if it weren't Friday evening. The end is in sight. Shortly we'll be heading our for dinner at a local restaurant with our house guests and I can forget all about today. Which is good, because there is not much worth remembering.

Am I the only one who has days like this? How do you deal with them? Please share your secret coping weapons with me.

On another note, imagine spending a weekend here:

Is this not the perfect place for a Charlotte Mason Living Book addict like yours truly to spend a sybaritic weekend? Imagine curling up in that big leather chair with a hot chocolate and a packet of Lindt and just whiling the weekend away. I'd like that.

This seriously covetable library belongs to The White House Daylesford. You can win a weekend there simply by guessing the number of Penguin books there are on the bookshelves. Post your guestimate here on the Penguin Facebook page.

If I win, will somebody mind Jemimah? She's pretty good really - it's me that's been bad.


  1. These days do happen and are very real! Sometimes I flip when i am not coping and have to go for a walk down the beach to clear my head, I phone my Mum or close friend, concentrate on getting the children into bed, then I make some popcorn and watch one of my favourite movies. I always pray, just knowing that the Lord is never going to leave me or forsake me even when I fail gives me the strength to continue through the trial and testing!

    Love you lot's Jeanne your a very special lady! xxx

  2. Hi Jeanne,
    (((hugggzzz))) Sometimes I have days like this, but I take a deep breath and go for a walk in the garden, just to take time out and spend time with God and ask for His peace.

    Everyone here knows that if I'm in the garden that I'm there for a reason, especially during school time.

    Happily, these days are becoming less now that our children are getting older.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    I agree with what Sarah said about you being a wonderful lady.

    God bless you,

  3. You're not going to believe this - but today was a bit of a waste at my house - and I totally stuffed the dinner so bad that we had to order in instead.

    Was surfing tonight - as I unwind from kiddo suffocation and found this for you. :)

    Vivaldi - Four Seasons Summer by Joshua Bell


  4. Oh I forgot to tell you that I gasped when I saw the library. LOL.

  5. Confess. Repent. Enjoy forgiveness. Then listen to Colin sing Lamentations 3:22-23 (or sing it yourself).

    Days like this? Yesterday was one.

  6. oh we had an awful day too and it was me too and not Tom, Amelia or Christopher.

    I'll look after Jemimah for you so that you can go and sit in that library. I am sure Amelia would love another girl here for a day or even a week.

  7. I'd keep her for you! But you might not ever get her back, if I did. :) I think Kaytie would love to have her around.
    I have days like that. I call my husband and vent to him and try to slip away when he gets home from work and let him at them for the evening. After that, I'm usually in a better mood.

  8. Sure! Tag her and put her on the plane! I'll even take the week off and read to her! lol... We ALL have those days. Not sure how I cope--grit my teeth mostly. Before this job I'd have a glass of wine!

  9. lol, you read my blog; you know Ditz & I have days like this! A good night's sleep works wonders & I thank God my children are so forgiving of my faults. Ditz at least takes great pleasure in pointing out I can hardly expect her to be perfect when I am so far from perfection myself. ☺ We're all a work in progress. Silence & time with the Lord restore my soul.

  10. Hope you've woken up with a fresh outlook, Jeanne.
    We have no beach or garden to sit in quiet on days like that but a book or music in a quiet nook is helpful for me. And prayer.
    I have even been known to lock myself in the shower and block out the outside turmoil for long periods of time. (until hubby thumps on the door to remind me we are going to run out of hot water!)
    "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee."

  11. I am sorry, I read this too late:(
    Hope your weekend was a restful and refreshing one!

  12. I have days like that here. I am trying really hard to keep my attitude in check so that today doesn't become one. I'm supposed to be off today, but I have a mtg in another town. Sigh. It's only a couple of hours though, so I keep reminding myself it'll be okay.

    As far as that picture, my oh my I could spend a weekend there!! I love books.


  13. I have many days like this Jeanne! I am sure it is only the Lord who keeps us going when things get tough! I have to remind myself to thank Him when I am having good days.
    You have enlarged our vocabulary today - we looked up the word "sybaritic".
    Thanks Jeanne!


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