24 Aug 2009

Two Lovely Blog Awards

Image by Hiki at Jollygoo

Do you think my blog is lovely?

Hiki and Heather both do.

To receive an award from these two ladies is particularly humbling. Heather's award was a real surprise, because her blog, Well Read is a new one to me. It is a special honour to receive recognition from afar, I always feel. Thanks Heather.

Then there's Hiki. Her blog, Jollygoo is also relatively new to me, but I have quickly become one of her biggest fans. Her award is particularly surprising, I guess, because it crosses from my homeschooling life, which is full of ... well ... home and school I guess ... and into my private extracurricular life as a lover of Japanese design, fine food, travel and things similar. To have been included amongst her list of überbloggers of the design world is just mindblowing. Take a look at some of the other blogs she has listed as lovely. Some of them are quite beautiful, aren't they?

In recognition of the diametrically opposed nature of these two awards I've decide to diverge a little from the rules of the Lovely Blog award (which have changed a good deal since I last received this award anyhow) and instead share some of my must reads and recent finds divided into homeschooling, kids' lit and Japanese style subgroups. Three of my great loves and something for everyone - sound fair? Hopefully you'll all find something new.

Enjoy - and thanks again, ladies!

Japanese Style

Natsumi Nishizumi
Mizu Designs
Hello Sandwich

Kids' Lit

The Book Chook
The Bookworm's Booklist

We Heart Books
vintage kids' books my kid loves
A Chair, A Fireplace &A Tea Cozy
Planet Esme


CM, Children and Lots of Grace
Dewey's Treehouse
Handmade Homeschool
Weird, Unsocialised Homeschoolers


  1. Thanks for the mention! We're honoured!

  2. Oh my, where will you hang all your awards?! Can I say, "I knew her when..."?

    Very, very well done. I think it is great that you are recognized for your style.

    BTW, we checked Mark Reibstein & Ed Young's 'Wabi Sabi' out from the library and love it!

  3. congratulations on receiving two awards!! you deserve it;)
    and thank you for enjoying my blog, it really means to me (though I know I'm making you want to come to Japan more and more!)

  4. I know, I know - I'm getting big headed!!

  5. Thank you very much! And congratulations!


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