14 Oct 2009

Skippy the bush kangaroo

Picked up some of my old childhood books while we were dropping Mum and Dad home on Sunday. Amongst them was this gem:

Anybody else have fond memories of Skippy?

The large sized picture book by Victor Barnes with gorgeous illustrations by Walter Stackpool tells the story of how Skippy ended up living with the Hammonds at Ranger Headquarters despite the rule that animals were released into the wild after they learned to look after themselves.

We learn about their special call on a gumleaf...

...and about playing the game of 'postman'. (This bringing back memories for anyone except me?)

Finally we hear the story of how Skippy saved Sonny from 'terrible trouble'.

Skippy can stay at Headquarters. Sonny needs her to look after him!
You may have trouble finding a copy of the book, and it's not worth the $25.00 asking price of the copy I found through Google, but you can watch the telly show on DVD if you're keen:

This video is interesting too:

Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Skippy, Skippy, Skippy our friend ever true


  1. Oh yes, great memories of Skippy!
    My younger brothers had the exact same book. Sadly, my boys think it the TV show was a bit corny. To much technology in their viewing these days.

  2. Welcome home Jeanne..nice to have you back in the blogosphere world! Loved skippy, but I was real little when it was on TV and all I can remember is the song and the noise that skippy made! xxx

  3. Alas I missed out on skippy but my dh speaks very fondly of him and no doubt Rebekah will watch it one day on dvd:)

  4. Yes, I remember watching Skippy as a child! And yes, my girls think it's a bit corny now too. Funny how we watch the old shows we used to love, and we realize how much more improved the movie making technology is now!

  5. Ah Skippy, there's a classic for you.

    We watched some Skippy with my children a couple of weeks ago. They loved it (they love corny stuff!)

  6. I have great memories of watching Skippy on TV when I was sick at home.

  7. Hi everyone - If you are nostalgic for Skippy and love the episodes please subscribe to the SkippyAdventures channel on YouTube where we have full length episodes and a feature length film available to watch. We are uploading and releasing new episodes on a daily basis as well as playlists and all of our latest news. Check it out, subscribe, watch the videos and recommend it to your friends, children and grandchildren! Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/SkippyAdventures

  8. I've been to the Rangers HQ just last week.


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