26 Nov 2009

A list for Teena

Teena asked me this question recently:
What are some other good Aussie living bird/nature books? So I can keep my eyes open for them. I already have Wonderland of Nature.
And this Teena, is a quick list from the shelves of my library. The list is not complete. Nor is it in order. Nor have I read them all as yet! If you're patient I'll review them all eventually.
  1. Spotty the Bower Bird and Other Stories: Life Histories of Australian Birds and Animals by Edward S. Sorenson
  2. Kooborr the Koala by C Barrett and Isobel Ann Shead
  3. Wilderness Orphan by Dorothy Cottrell
  4. The Story of Shy the Platypus and others in the Australian Nature Tales series by Leslie Rees
  5. Larry the Story of an Australian Seagull by Ina Watson (and others by her!)
  6. Little Dragons of the Never Never by Ella McFadyen
  7. Honey Mouse and Other Stories by Anita Hewett
  8. The Crystal Bowl: Australian Nature Stories by J. J. Hall
  9. Animals of Australia in Colour by Lyla Stevens
  10. Man-Shy by Frank Dalby Davison
  11. Boomer: The Life of a Kangaroo by Dennis Clark
  12. Old Bob's Birds and others in the series by Charles K Thompson
  13. The Silver Brumby and others in the series by Elyne Mitchell
  14. Storm Boy and others by Colin Thiele
  15. Bushland Stories by Amy Mack
  16. Australian Wildflower Magic by Nuri Mass
  17. Binty the Bandicoot by Eve Pownall
There is also a great book on Aussie birds that is still in print - shock horror!!

It is called Famous Australian Birds by Gisela Kaplan. It covers the lives of eight of Australia's best known birds: kookaburra, magpie, sulphur-crested cockatoo, lyrebird, emu, eastern rosella, tawny frogmouth and wedge-tailed eagles. All of them are fascinating. Kaplan is a recognised authority on Australian birds, and author of a number of scolarly works for adult readers.

Did you know ...
  • That most sulphur-crested cockatoos are left-footed?
  • Magpies can mimic other birds, as well as humans, dogs and horses?
  • Emus use their toes as weapons?
  • Magpies can learn to talk?
  • Tawny Frogmouths can regrow their tongues?
  • Cockies can live for 100 years?
Ah, how clever will you be when you read this book!


  1. Jeanne, these books are an excellent choice, and we have many of them. :)

  2. Thanks for putting together this list! I'll print it and send to my sister as well.

  3. Hello Jeanne, just wanted to say thankyou for the list of nature books. I have been using the list for some time now but have only just worked out how to comment (well I think i've worked out how to comment). from Teena


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