26 Nov 2009


I love design mags, but I rarely buy them. Magazines on books, yes. Mags on gardens and cooking, probably. My very favourite Kateigaho International Edition for Japanese arts and culture, definitely. I have to draw a line somewhere though, and I'm afraid I just can't justify buying magazines full of beautiful things I can't afford just because they look nice sitting on my coffee table.

Which is where LMNOP comes in. It's beautiful, it's Australian, it's full of super-stylish things for babies and young people and it's free to download. Yep, free. I like that. Hop over and download your copy of the just arrived Issue 9 here.

Here's a peak of some of the things I like from its pages:

DIY paper Christmas Critters by Mibo

Great gift giving ideas. I especially love the Dunlop Comic Book Print Shoe. For me, of course, not Jemimah!

Magical animal placeholders by top3

Alphabeasties - gorgeous!


  1. Oh thanks for this Jeanne! I'll be downlaoding it for sure...love the look of those paper crafts!


  2. WOW!!! Thanks for the link to this!! It looks fantastic link!! I am going to have a look at it as soon as I have a chance!! Without two young boys harrassing me!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  3. See I can't even construct a sentence when they are around!!!

  4. Oh Doh~!! See, I just knew that I should of packed the sizzix~!! I need to make some Animal Placeholders.


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