12 Oct 2008

Our little ballerina

For physical training nothing is so good as Ling's Swedish Drill , and a few of the early exercises are the reach of children under nine. Dancing, and the various musical drills, lend themselves to grace of movement, and give more pleasure, if less scientific training, to the little people. Charlotte Mason, Home Education p315
One of Jemimah's most greatly anticipated activities is her weekly jazz and tap class with a small dance school in our local town.

As Miss Mason says above, her dance class give great pleasure - if little scientific training - to its little charge. The teacher is an excellent disciplinarian and the girls love being with her - and with each other.

Friday night was the End-of-Year concert...yes really...already...in October.

Regardless of whether it really is the end of the year, it was a wonderful night, and she looked beautiful. Proud parents and grandparents were in attendence, and we all had a ball. She even suffered through a night of rags in her hair to create ring curls. That takes great determination (as I remember from my own childhood - as does my mother from hers!)

Here are some photos of her in full stage makeup.

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