30 Jan 2009

AO2 Schedule

I've been meaning to post our AO2 schedule for a while now.

It seems so simple that I wonder what use it will be to you, and yet, on the other hand, there is a whole Yahoo group devoted to CM schedules, so some of you must be interested!! To me, its simplicity is what makes it work!

I posted our AO1 schedule here, and many of the comments pertaining to that document apply here - after all this year's timetable is simply a rehash of last year's one.

Let me walk you through it...

We have three blocks of school every morning with 'outside time' in between. During one of these I expect some 'exercise' - trampolining; swimming; bike riding; Pilates or totem tennis are the types of activities Jemimah might choose from. I practice masterly inactivity over these times, encouraging with ideas only when absolutely necessary. I use the time to do computer work...and the laundry!!

The first school block takes about 1/2 an hour, most of which is memory work - Scripture verses and poetry in French and English and The Westminster Shorter Catechism in English.

We separate disciplinary subjects like Copywork, Mathematics and Reading instruction with inspirational ones such as Bible, History readings, French stories and Composer or Picture Study.

We have two read-alouds per day determined by our booklist divided into weekely portions from the AO website with our Australian literature selections added in. I'll try to post this soon. Only science is scheduled separately. We're doing Jeannie Fulbright's Exploring Creation with Astronomy and read the chapter the first week and do the notebooking narration activities and the projects the second week. We schedule it separately to ensure we fit it in!!

We read alternate Old and New Testament scripture from the NIV on four days each week and prepare for Sunday's service by prereading the scheduled readings and discussing them in context on Friday.

The second and third school blocks take about an hour each.

Apart from that it is pretty self explanatory, I think!

After lunch we work at a more relaxed pace doing things like taking a nature walk, working in the kitchen garden and cooking the produce or watching some French DVDs. Jemimah really enjoys art, and we sometimes do a lesson from Mona Brookes' Drawing with Children.

We always finish with afternoon tea in the sitting room...maybe the perfect way to finish a Charlotte Mason day!

The second chart shows our poet, artist and composer selections for the year along with our songs - Psalms, Folksongs and French songs. You'll notice I've not yet decided on the final folksongs for the year - any suggestions for good English folksongs would be greatly appreciated, if you get a chance!!

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  1. I just LOVE poring over schedules!! Thanks for posting yours!


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