9 Jan 2009

Beautiful blue eyes

Miss Jemimah accompanied me to the hairdressers yesterday, where she occupied herself by examining her reflection carefully in the mirrors...

Her: Guess what, Mummy?

Me: Yes, darling?

Her: My beautiful blue eyes don't fit in my eyeball!

Hairdresser and me in unison: Pardon?

Her: Well, you can't see the top and bottom of my beautiful blue eyes - they don't fit in!!

She's lucky really - Exophthalmus is a medical condition that she will do better without!!

Ah! As Art Linkletter said all those years ago, Kids really do say the darndest things!!


  1. awwww! what a sweet (& observant!) thing to say :)

    thanks for the award, Jeanne...will link back to you shortly

  2. RFLOL That is just too funny :) I am glad it was not more serious!
    My daughter has 'beautiful blue eyes' too... in fact she has been told her eyes are big- so she draws herself with these BIG eyes ;)

  3. The Joys a child brings to your life....just priceless!!


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