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Secret Women's Business...Shhh

Posted by Jeanne

Shhh...Strange happenings are afoot amongst the lady folk here today. The reason? It's His Lordship's birthday and we're planning a suprise!! Don't tell, will you!!

The kitchen is abuzz - here's the menu...

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Prawns

Main Course
Fragrant Shanghai Soy Duck
Coconut Rice
Steamed Bokchoy in Oyster Sauce

Chocolate Birthday Cake
Raspberry Coulis
Fresh Berries
King Island Cream

Coffee and Chocolates

Jemimah is cooking this special surprise meal for Daddy as part of her Kitchen Garden subject - one of our favourite homeschool activities. There are a number of links to this wonderful subject in our sidebar if you want to learn more about what we do.

Grown our Kitchen Garden:

Vietnamese Mint
Green and Red Mignonette Lettuce
Jemimah has wrapped the presents and designed the card, and she has set a festive birthday table with all of Daddy's presents set in front of his setting. It looks beautiful! The Colour scheme is gold and green (the Birthday Boy's favourite colour), and we have coordinating serving dishes so the food will look its best.

We're having a wonderful time - we'll be sure to post pictures!!

Bon Anniversaire Papa!!


jeanamarie said...

sounds like fun at your house, Jeanne! happy birthday to the man!

(sorry i meant to say hi at church yesterday, but then got distracted)

Sarah said...

How wonderful! xxx

enduringprize.com said...

We love Asian food. I took Thai cooking lessons for a while. Have a great day.

Hopewell said...

That meal sounds so wonderful!!!!!!!

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