28 Jan 2009

Multiplication mastery

Jemimah has been learning her times tables the past few weeks. We have a wonderful CD to help with the process, but Multiplication is not much fun however you look at it...or is it?

Barb, one of the amazing mums in the MEP Yahoo group, has recently posted a link to this amazing maths game - Timez Attack, it's called.

Timez Attack is a fabulous computer game with lots of multiplication drill at it's core. The basic version is FREE and covers all tables from 2-12.

For US$40 you can purchase the full version which includes 2 new playing environments and fancier graphics in which to play the game and you can switch between environments when completing each level. Jemimah has never seen, much less played, a computer game before, so the basic version is plenty for us, but she quickly got the hang of the game and was particularly displeased when I told her that she had to stop doing maths and do some history!!

We don't watch much television in our home; we don't 'do' computer games either, but I think Timez Attack is wonderful for this stage in mathematics - a time where getting the multiplication facts down is really what its all about.

I recommend it!!

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  1. That's so cool...thanks for sharing! we are not big TV or computer people either! But this year I am going to teach Joshua a bit more computer skills, so that should be fun!


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