9 Feb 2009


Mountain Bushfire

Full moon. The brazen eye of midnight scans
the black and swollen mountains oozing fire
high over the indifference of the sleeping plains
hazed with the perfumed smoke of death and fear
under the radiant zenith. It is not far
from here to the wild flags of havoc flying
out of the doomed and bannered trees before
the west wind, hilarious hunter plying
nets and whips of flame, the trumpet playing
a ghastly fanfare.

Kenneth Ivo Mackenzie 1913 - 1955

Funny, I've got nothing else to say.

May God bring us all closer to him through this tragic event.


  1. Oh Jeanne, our family has been praying for you all that the Lord may grant an extra portion of His grace - that many would seek and find Him in these hours
    -that there would an experience of all the riches of our Savior, including comfort, and healing.

    You are right, there are no words to suffice but oh, how the spirit groans.

  2. I stand in agreement with you for souls to turn to Jesus and to put there hope in Him. We continue to pray for the fire fighters, the families who have lost loved ones and for the Grace of God to lift and carry all.

  3. Jeanne, I have thought about you, in the heat, but hopefully no bushfires about. It's horrific what's going on. I pray for comfort and healing for survivors, that the rebuilding will be aided by His grace. I pray that something wonderful may spring from the ashes.

  4. Yes, praying with you and all. My heart is just twisted up about it, having experienced this burning threat first-hand last summer here in northern California. God be glorified!


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