9 Feb 2009

Bushfire Prayer Points

Some prayer points from Rev Ed Blackwood, minister at the Frankston RPCA:

  • Thank God for the many lives spared, some incredibly, some miraculously.
  • Thank God that although we face bushfires year after year, it is not on this scale of horror.
  • Thank God that although the fires are out of our control, they are still under His control.
  • Pray for God to spare many from these deadly fires, and to spare many who may be closely affected by them from the greater fires of hell.
  • Pray that Christian people, both those in the fire areas, and those of us watching from a distance, might help as we can and proclaim our Gracious Saviour to many.

1 comment:

  1. I will join you in prayer. How scary for the people in danger, but what an opportunity for God to work as well.

    Thank you for visiting me, and for your sweet, encouraging comment.


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