10 Feb 2009

Our second CM moment!

Pieter Brueghel, Hunters in the Snow (1565)

Brueghel's Winter

Walter de la Mare

Jagg'd mountain peaks and skies ice-green
Wall in the wild, cold scene below.
Churches, farms, bare copse, the sea
In freezing quiet of winter show;
Where ink-black shapes on fields in flood
Curling, skating, and sliding go.
To left, a gabled tavern; a blaze;
Peasants; a watching child; and lo,
Muffled, mute--beneath naked trees
In sharp perspective set a-row--
Trudge huntsmen, sinister spears aslant,
Dogs snuffling behind them in the snow;
And arrowlike, lean, athwart the air
Swoops into space a crow.

But flame, nor ice, nor piercing rock,
Nor silence, as of a frozen sea,
Nor that slant inward infinite line
Of signboard, bird, and hill, and tree,
Give more than subtle hint of him
Who squandered here life's mystery.

One of my first posts was called "A Charlotte Mason moment". You can read it here. In it I talk of the coincidental finding that our folksong and composer were linked. I called it a Charlotte Mason moment.

Our artist this term is Pieter Brueghel. We are studying Hunters in the Snow, which is pictured above.

Our poet in AO2 is Walter de la Mare. It's not hard to see the Charlotte Mason moment we had this morning, is it!! Another coincidence?

I love Jemimah's liberal education...I am she is learning so much!

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