19 Mar 2009

More shenanigans...

(too funny!!)


  1. I love all your photos -- so festive and fun! I don't see any problem with that Irish jig. I'm sure it would look much the same at our house. Do you have Irish roots? You and Jemimah seem to having the right coloring!

  2. Yep, Sue - plenty of Celtic blood in us - Scottish on my father's side; Northern Irish on my mum's!

    We had a ball!!


  3. Gorgouse pictures! Tell Jemimah she looks very beautiful. The question I have though is where are you???????????????????????

  4. What a grand celebration!

    Alas, no jigging here though I told the boys the story of St. Patrick and my husband and I each had a Guinness in front of the fire.

    Max loves when I check your blog, running over to see "what Jemimah is doing today."


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