11 Jun 2009

AO1 Term 1 Examination Questions

Our Northern Hemisphere friends are beginning to chuckle with misplaced glee as the warm weather arrives and along with it the promise of long summer holidays and days lazing in the sun.

Fortunately, she says enviously - and tongue in cheek - the pleasure of some of you will be tempered somewhat by the prospect of examinations looming, and with that comforting thought I offer you some long awaited exam questions for AO1.

Seriously, the prospect of writing Charlotte Masonesque Examinations for our kiddywinks brings some of us out in a cold sweat. These are the questions I used for Jemimah in AO1 Term 1. AO1 Term 2 will follow. I hope they're useful for some.

Enjoy the warm weather for me, will you!

AO1 Term 2
AO1 Term 3
AO2 Term 1

Exam Questions Year 1 Term 1


1. In your own words, tell about your favourite character that you read in your Bible reading this term.
2. In your own words, tell about your favourite event that you read in your Bible reading this term.


1. Recite as much of Notre Père as you are able to Daddy.
2. Recite 1 Corinthians 13 to Daddy.
3. Recite The Lord’s Prayer to Daddy.
4. Westminster Catechism questions. How many can you get right?


1. Write the alphabet in lower case letters in your very best writing.
2. Complete “Review” page 22 “New Wave Handwriting”.


1. Read for 5 minutes from Little Bear’s Friend.
2. Read 100 key words and count number read correctly.

U.S. History

1. What do you know about Benjamin Franklin?
2. Can you tell me about one of his inventions?

World History

1. What can you tell me about Boadicea?
2. What were Cornelia’s jewels?
2b. Why did she call them that?
3. Illustrate one of the following:
a. The Sword of Damocles,
b. Androclus and the Lion or
c. The Story of William Tell.

4. What is a martyr?
5. Can you tell me about St Alban, the first Christian martyr in Britain?
6. Tell me about Caligula and the shells on the beach.
7. Tell me about Polycarp, the witness in the arena; Blandina, the martyr of Lyons; or Constantine, defender of the church.


1. Using your map, please explain Paddle’s journey so far.
2. Which of the lakes can you name?
3. What is the name of the country to the north and south?
3b Which country does Auntie Meriel live in?
4. Tell me the part of Paddle’s journey that you have liked best so far?
5. What shape is France?
5b . Can you find it on the map and colour it pink?

Natural History and General Science

1. Do you remember the stories “Moses the Cat” or “Only One Woof”? Please retell one of these.
2. What is your favourite story from Old Bob’s birds?
2b. Tell as much as you can about one of the birds we have read about.
3. What has been your favourite nature study topic?
3b. Draw a picture of this animal and label it in French and English.
4. Show your nature study book to Daddy and explain it to him.

Literature and Tales

1. Tell the story of “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” or “The Tempest”. You may use Little People to help you illustrate the story if you wish.
2. In “Just So Stories” we have read some very silly stories about animals and how they came to be. Which story have you liked most? Why?
3. Aesop wrote a lot of short stories designed to teach a lesson. What are these stories called?
3b What is the lesson called?
4. Please narrate your favourite including the moral.
5. Can you draw a picture about one of the fairy tales we have read about this term?
6. Can you tell the story of the butterflies’ children; the unhappy bees or the Sedge Warblers and the Unknown Land?


1. Complete test page 154


1. Count as high as you can in French.
2. How many parts of the body can you name?
3. How many colours do you know?
4. Greet Daddy in French and ask him how he is feeling.

Picture Study

1. What is the name of the artist we studies this term? Where did he live?
2. Describe your favourite picture from this term's picture study.
3. Can you think of any others?

Composer study

1. What is the name of the composer we have been studying this term?
2. Tell Daddy the real story of “The Magic Flute”


1. Sing all the songs from this term in front of Daddy.


1. Show your tapestry to Daddy and explain how you do it.

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