17 Jun 2009

An Awesome Book

Do you dream about 'matching silverware' or 'rocket powered unicorns'; 'furniture' or 'magic watermelon boats'?

The Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton gets New Living Book status from me...for sure.

View the whole book online - awesome!

Here is Oz you can buy The Awesome Book from we ♥ books - one of my favourite online bookstores for $29.95.

While you're visiting, take a look at their range of Charley Harper books and flashcards for kids. We love them! Jemimah took his colouring book on hols with her - it is not your usual colour within the lines mindless colouring book, that's for sure. (Even I can produce something pretty stylish with this book!)

1 comment:

  1. Gotta LOVE the dream book!!!




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