16 Jun 2009

Flower posies

A flowerless room is a soulless room, to my way of thinking; but even one solitary little vase of a living flower may redeem it. Vita Sackville-West
My favourite garden author, Vita Sackville-West always kept a tussie mussie of flowers collected from her beautiful garden, Sissinghurst, next to her as she wrote her garden columns. It's a lovely habit - one I've maintained for about 20 years (oh dear!).

What little treasures are flowering away in your garden? Pick a few and pop them in a pretty vase. If you can find scented ones so much the better! Tonight I smell the fragrance of rose, daffodil and lemon balm...spring is only just around the corner.


  1. With 3 daughters in my home, I often find little bouquets of flowers on the table, or on a dresser in a bedroom, or to pretty up the bathroom. Sometimes the children manage to pick a flower from our little garden that I have never seen before, and they have to take me out and show me the tiny plant it came from, which is quite often a little weed. But it is a nice touch in our home, something little girls love to do.

  2. Flowers are lovely in the house but you need a garden first, right?:0) Not my forte and my hubby is a back yard mechanic...say no more :0(


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