19 Jun 2009

Cyclone Aila

Thank you everyone who prayed for us during our recent holiday.

Cyclone Aila claimed many lives in Bhutan during those few days, including a number of children. One family from the village of Bumthang where we were staying lost six members when a land slide destroyed their car. Only two survived.

I thought you might like to see some photos and videos...

Tang River Bumthang

The river rises at the back of Bumthang's main shopping street.

A new road is created around a huge landslide.

The main road beween the Capital, Thimphu, and Paro where the Country's only airport is situated. (Look at the road, not the water... )

A land slide - and an opportunity for you to listen to our accents...

More of the Tang River

At least someone was having FUN...


  1. Joshua, Grace & I have all just watched your videos. Joshua's comments were "You would'nt want that bridge to collapse and be under it", "is that where they live?" "I bet they're glad they got out now"! They both had big grins on there faces when they saw Jemimah and heard Jemimah squeeling as you went through those big flood puddles. Very sad to hear of the loss of people and children.

  2. Wow, praise God you came back safely!

  3. Accents?...what accents?

    Seriously, that was quite an experience you guys went through.

  4. We are now doubly thankful for your safe return and have added Bhutan to our prayer list for the summer.

    Your husband did a fabulous job on the filmography and the boys were reeling with laughter right along with Jemimah.


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