18 Jun 2009

Jeanneton prend sa faucille

See my StatCounter in the right sidebar? I Like it. It lets met know where you're coming from, and I find that pretty cool. It lets me know who I should be extra nice to, you know. It also makes me curious - who is my mystery reader from Fukushima, for example - drop me a line some time - I'd love to have a chat!

Anyway, if you press the Keyword Analysis tab, my StatCounter tells me aside from the obvious Charlotte Mason+Australia type searches, the most common way of people finding A Peaceful Day from a Google search is by typing in Youtube+learn French.

So for those people who have no interest in any of the other scintillating stuff that makes up the minutiae of our day chez nous, here are a couple more of our French Youtube faves...

This is our current french folksong.

We're learning to tell the time, so this one's perfect - funky too. You should see us grooving around the study to this little number!


  1. Stat Counter!?! Please know that -- along with my sister -- you are my number one resource for a living CM education...plus Max and Luca love to see what Jemimah is up to..and they want to watch your French videos over and over...and we like visiting your gardens as it is non-stop rain here and ours are all but lost...and you are so prolific that I have yet to read all your posts...and we've never been to Bhutan...or Australia...

  2. J'adore les squelettes, moi aussi. It reminds me of when I told my French teacher I was brushing the horses on my head, instead of the hair.

    I have Lijit and Feedjit for my stat thingies. Sometimes i look at Feedjit and marvel over the searches that brought googlers to The book Chook, and how disappointed with the search results they must be!


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