20 Jun 2009

MEP 101

So you're intrigued by the idea of MEP maths. You've read my blog posts and you've decided to take the plunge. After all, it's free - what've you got to lose? So far so good, but what do you do next?

In a departure from my usual blogging style, I'm going to walk you through the process. It seems so simple, but you can't believe how confused some people seem to get when things are simple...

So choose your starting point:

What is MEP anyway?

MEP stands for the Mathematics Enhancement Programme. It is a maths curriculum developed by the CIMT - Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. It is currently undergoing trial in British schools.

MEP is free for non-profit use and while not specifically designed for home schoolers, the programme works well with a little modification for a 1-on-1 teaching style.

You'll find the programme at their website.

What makes MEP different?

This is from the MEP website - adapted slightly for homeschoolers by moi. You can read the original on the Primary information sheet linked below.

  • It has very high expectations of teachers and pupils.Maths is taught in an integrated subject in a spiral, ever widening curriculum through the Primary years, with continual revision of facts and concepts.
  • Lessons are highly interactive and have many activities.
  • The logical foundation of mathematics is stressed, with correct, concise mathematical notation and language used at all times.
  • Visualising mentally and through the use of models and manipulatives, and relating concepts to real life situations where relevant, are important aspects.
  • Creative thinking and critical evaluation and discussion are encouraged.
Most importantly, MEP aims to make all pupils mathematical thinkers and to make mathematics lessons challenging and fun for both teacher and pupils.
    You're interested in learning more about MEP.

    You don't know where to place your kids.

    This is always a bit of a challenge. I just started Jemimah from the beginning. If you've already begun maths using another programme, then this is my two-bob's worth of advice...for what that's worth...

    • Print off the Scheme of Work. This shows you exactly what MEP will be covering and when.
    • It is better to begin at the start of a year. Which one suits, do you reckon? If you find your kids know many of the earlier concepts, you can always do two or three lessons per day until the work begins to challenge them once again. Then slow to one a day.
    • Many people find that MEP is ahead of other programmes, especially those written expressely for homeschool like MUS, for example. I don't know - MEP is the only maths we've ever done.
    • Once you've decided on a level, print off the relevant IPMA test. You'll need an access code to access the test, and the details on how to obtain one are on that page. .. Kids generally do this at the end of each year. You should expect your kids to get close to 100% on this test before you select a level. Clear as mud? What I mean is this: Say you've chosen to commence little Johnny at Year 3. Open IPMA the test for Year 2. These are not placement tests. They do not cover all the work that has already been taught for a particular year. If your child doesn't get close to 100% he or she will find the next year's work too difficult.
    • Remember that is is okay to tweak your child's level. If it all gets too difficult, then just adopt the 'pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey method and give a year a go. You can always go back or forwards!
    You've decided to give MEP a burl.
    Congratulations. I don't think you'll be sorry. After all - it's free, right!
    Now comes the fun bit. You'll be giving your printer a bit of a workout for a few hours - do you have enough paper and ink? Beetle out and get those before you start. While you're at the newsagents, pick up a folder - we use this one (pictured above)because it contains a pencil case as well as pockets for manipulatives; some dividers; an exercise book; some felt tip pens in bright primary colours; and a ruler. While you're gone, send your children outside to start a collection of counters. Shells, pretty pebbles, sticks, pretty much anything that interests them, really. We use the counters from our Go board game.

    If you're doing Primary maths, on this page you'll find the entire MEP programme to print out...well almost all. There is a text book that is available for purchase. You don't need it - really - but if you want to buy one, here's the order form.
    Regardless of grade, you'll need to print the following:
    • Practice book - these are the pages that the children complete - the worksheets as it were. Warning - you can't do MEP with these pages alone. You'll also need...
    • Lesson plans - these are your sheets. They tell you how to teach the programme; give the answers; and introduce new concepts. They also contain mental maths drills. You need to do MEP with your children.
    • Copymasters - Some of the copymasters are contained in the practice book; others are not. I print them all, and don't use everything. Other mums only print out the pages they need. It is up to you. I need to be organised before I begin, and this way I only need to print at the beginning of a new practice book.

    You'll notice that some files on the website have a small red P beside them. These are password protected files. Interestingly, if you use an older version of some software you may find that you can view the files without a password. For the rest of us, you'll find the password in the files of the yahoo group here.
    I print off a section of pages at a time, not the whole practice book. There's about 30 lessons in each, and that amount fits well in my folder.

    Label your dividers with something like these headings and place the relevant pages behind each:
    1. Practice Book
    2. Lesson plans
    3. Copy masters
    4. Mum's pages
    I have a fifth divider that I call French maths. We do our maths bilingually using pages that complement MEP. If you are teaching Spanish, MEP is available in that language here.
    Under Mum's pages I keep:
    • The scheme of work
    • Notes on the lesson plans Years 1 and 2
    • The posters I only used these for Year 1. In Year 2 we found things around our schoolroom instead. Note also that the posters aren't in the correct order. You need to use your nouse a little to work out which poster the lesson plans actually refer to. at some stage I'll correctly number them and pop it in another post.)
    • The OHP transparency collection. You'll need 1-5 for year 1 and the rest for year 2. You'll find reference to them in the lesson plans when you need them. I print them all off at once. Print in colour.

    Finally organise your manipulatives.

    You'll find most of the manipulatives you'll require supplied. Print all cards on cardstock. You can laminate them if your kids are hard on their things. I didn't bother but we did take care of them.
    • Number cards Years 1 and 2. You'll need two sets.
    • Number lines Years 1-3. Print on card stock, colour each line a different colour and laminate. You'll only need one, and it's very useful.
    • Sign cards Year 1. You may use these in Year 2, but less often.
    • Shape cards Year 1 and 2 (and maybe later years?)
    • Shape cards with dots Year 2 (and maybe later years?)
    • Purchase some cheap plastic dominoes - two sets preferably. Year 1 and 2
    • Some cuisinaire type rods would be nice. Jemimah got some for her first birthday from an uncle with high expectations. You don't need them, but they beat cutting up strips of paper IMHO. Year 1 and 2
    • A purse with coins of your own currency. Year 2
    • A packet of toothpicks. Year 1 and 2
    • Finally, you'll need the counters we discussed earlier. MEP says this:
    Encourage pupils to collect their own materials for use in maths lessons. (eg pebbles, shells, buttons, sweets, trinkets) to make maths for relevant to them individually.
    Getting started
    Now it's time to start.
    • Allocate a time early in the day when your mind is fresh (and so are your kids!!).
    • The first few lessons may take a while. don't panic. Soon you should get finished in 20-25 minutes. Less sometimes, slightly more when a new concept is introduced.
    • Don't allow procrastination. If you do find it occuring, investigate why. For us it happens when Jemimah thinks she can't do something (even if she can).
    • If a lesson does take too long split it up. don't allow maths to become a hard slog that everyone dreads.
    • Use coloured textas to answer questions and to liven up the page. colour things in if you like.
    • Have fun!
    And now folks, I think that's it. MEP 101. Do let me know if I've left something out. I'm happy to edit and make it useful. Also, don't forget this is MEP à la Jeanne. You may find it works differently in your home. Doesn't matter, really. There are no MEP police...not in Australia anyhow!!

    Post Script 12/08/09

    There have been literally hundreds of visitors to this post. Some of you have come from the MEP or AO Yahoo groups, others from the Well Trained Mind Forums, and even others from an Aussie group. I hope you have found what I have written useful to get you started with MEP.

    Be sure to read my follow-up post MEP minute-by-minute, which shows what an MEP lesson actually looks like in our home. You'll get to see Jemimah counting on her toes there as well!

    Hey, you now know lots about us, but I don't even know who you are! Please leave me a comment to let me know you've visited!

    Please do.


    1. Thanks for posting this! It is very helpful.

    2. Thanks for the info. I'm planning on putting a link to this on my blog


    3. Excellent information Jeanne! Up until now I have had MEP just hanging in the back of my mind.The way you have set your program up is brilliant and it's very encouraging to know now that I just might be able to start it next term. We are still enjoying the 'first lessons in numbers'. Thank you for your time and efforts to share all this information with us! Your amazing! xxx

    4. What a great help you are! We use Math.U.See and love it but I had been wondering about MEP since you and Jemimah use it.

    5. Thank you for this! I'm planning to use MEP, and I do find it pretty confusing when I just look at it on my own. I like the way you talked us through it here. Right now I'm just trying to decide if we'll start in the fall or wait a little longer.

    6. Thanks for posting. The info on MEP is fabulous. I am a father of 2 young home schooled kids. I went ot the site and downloaded some of the pdf files. As you mentioned that the files marked with P are password protected and that the password is available on the yahoo groups. The Yahoo Gropus link you shared seems broken. Can you provide the correct link or the password.

    7. Thanks, Amish - fixed, I think. Let me know if you still can't get in.

    8. WOW...You are a MEP expert!
      You have a wealth of information here. I will have to check this out!

    9. Jeanne -(by the way do you pronounce your name Gee-Anne?), you're amazing,once again! Thanks very much for posting this! Has your daughter ever had a pink fit over maths? Mine did this morning. We're using RightStart, but I think I have placed her in the wrong spot. She said it was too difficult for her.
      Have a great day.

    10. Why thank you, Lydia!!

      I'm Jeanne like "I dream of Jeannie" or a genie in a bottle.

      Yes, Jemimah has had a few paddies over maths. For her they happen when a new concept is introduced that she doesn't quite understand. Instead of trying, she just sits there and pouts and doodles and procrastinates and writes on her hands and...

      Generally I work the offending problems with her for a little while or until a lightbulb moment occurs!

      Hope this helps.

    11. Thanks, Jeanne. This is so helpful! Can you tell me where to find the Lesson Notes?

    12. Hi Melinda,

      I'm glad you're finding it useful. Do you mean the Lesson Plans? Each year has its lesson plans on the general MEP page:


      (This is the page that is linked in my post under the photo of the counters.)

      Just scroll down a little. Are these what you're after?


    13. I guess I DID skip this one--too "mathy" for me! I praised God the moment I found the TEACHING TEXTBOOK math [singular, not "maths" plural].

      Aus--to-Yank translations:

      "scheme of work" =syllabus or Scope & Sequence

      "newsagents" we have "news stands" in HUGE cities like NY. Most people here would just go to Wal-mart to the school supplies area

      "Give it a burl" I'm guessing "Give it a try" based on context.

      Proper flash translation I hope! Or was it right d_ggy [not sure if that's profane or not]

    14. "few paddies"? "Spot of bother" [UK-speak (That means England, not University of Kentucky!) or simply PROBLEMS?

      This is so fun!!!

    15. Thank you. Your info is very helpful. Step by step simple, this is what I needed.

    16. Yes! This is exactly what I needed to push me over to MEP! I have been hearing about it for a while now, but wasn't sure if I wanted to attempt it... Now that I've read your post I've decided to print out the lessons plans and book 1a for my dd and give it a try.

      Thanks a bunch!

    17. Nice to be able to help, Tiffany - be sure to have a look at the other MEP posts in the sidebar as well - the one called MEP minute by minute might be useful!!

      Do let me know how you get on.

    18. I appreciate the information, thank you, but to be honest...it looks hard to understand. Some of the 3rd grade stuff was challenging for me to figure out. Like Sudoko.

      BTW, I followed the link from maplehillacademy and ao yahoo group.

    19. Wow - someone found this from my website! cool!

      Just wanted to add, that for the first few lessons in Year 1 of MEP, it is nice to have the little round "Color Coding Labels" - I happened to have the 1/4 (.64cm) ones. They are designed for colour coding files or other things. They are basically little coloured dots.

      They are really nice for the kids to just put a dot in each box for an item, instead of having to draw a dot for each item.

    20. I'm cringing as I type this because I really don't want to come across as a problem child. :-) I do think you've done the best job I've ever seen in explaining how to get going with MEP. That said, months ago when I first read this post I was concerned about your link to the test page. I said nothing then, hoping that someone else would, but I'm back and don't see where anyone else has said anything, so I feel that I should at least point it out in case it hasn't been considered.

      You have posted a direct link to the page that says DO NOT GIVE PUPILS THE ADDRESS OF THIS PAGE. If a student in a public school (where this program is generally used) searches and comes across your blog, wouldn't they have access to the answers and tests? Maybe it's not that easy and I'm simply overlooking something. It's just that I would hate for MEP to get yanked from homeschoolers because of this kind of breach. I realize that the risk is there with the Yahoo Group too, but at least they would have to jump through a hoop to have access to the site.

      Thanks for the great article. I would make this private, but I don't see that option. Please feel free to delete it after you've read it. :-)

    21. Thanks for your comment anonymous - oh I do wish you'd written your name!!

      You make a relevant criticism.

      I am going to open this up to other mums (and dads). What do you think guys? Should I remove the link to the tests page or not?

      I am glad that you find the rest of the post useful, anonymous!! Don't stop commenting.


    22. Thank you so much for this information. I will be starting my 5 1/2 year old next week. I wasn't sure what to do but then I heard about your website.

      Again, thank you so much.

      God bless you.

    23. Hi Valerie,

      I'm glad I've helped you to make a decision to try MEP. Hopefully it will work as well for you and your 5yo as it does for us!

    24. What wonderful information Jeanne! I'm starting MEP with both my boys on Monday. They are in 1st and 2nd grade, but we are going to go with Year 1. I'm backtracking a bit with them both, but I want a solid foundation. I'm looking forward to jumping in with both feet! I've also joined the yahoo group for support.
      Blessings in Christ!

    25. Thaks for dropping by, Carrie. I'm glad you found the post useful. I agree that 'beginning at the beginning' is a good idea. MEP is different from other programmes (so they tell me), so this way both your boys will understand maths the MEP way!

      You'll get great support from the yahoo group - they're a wealth of information. See you there!

    26. I read what anonymous wrote on September 4th about giving out the access codes to the test. It was nice for me to have them, but it is true that I found them by googling: mep maths "ipma test" "access code"

      Whether a child would do this or not is hard to say. I really do appreciate all of the information you have given to us, because it makes it sooooo much easier to start this math.

      Just wanted to comment about that Sept. 4th post.

    27. Thank you for this fantastic post. I just decided last night to try out MEP in our homeschool because it seems so superior to the math I had chosen for this year. Putting all the information in one place is going to get us started in a flash!!
      I cannot tell you how thankful I am!

    28. Thanks, Paisleyapron (lovely evocative name, that). Glad to help!

      Don't become a stranger, will you - be sure to drop back and visit me some time.

      See you at the yahoo group!

      Thanks, Valerie L as well.

    29. Quick question: Do you use the copymasters for year 2? I find most of them are right out of the practice sheets. Therefore, I wonder if they're necessary. I have only printed and used a few of them.

    30. Hi Tereasa,

      Jemimah is now halfway through year 3 and we still continue to print the copymasters. I think the reason that we find them so useful is that we use felt tipped pens for maths to brighten it up a little, and the copymasters are a better size for the fatter pens. Also, Jemimah is still only seven, and her pen control is not as good as her maths ability. She finds the bigger size easier.

      If you're not using them then you'll certainly save on ink by not printing them - or only printing the ones you need. On the other hand, I find that I need everything to be prepared prior to the lesson. I would find pre-preparing the lessons and printing off only the copymasters I think I will need each day particularly arduous!

      Hope this helps.

      Do let us know what works in your home!!!

    31. Thanks so much for posting this. We are going to be starting our MEP journey next week with our two boys. I can't wait!:)

    32. Jeanne,

      Thank you for this. I am starting child number 4 on MEP today and I don't think I could have made the jump as easily as I am without your post. It was also your post that gave my husband the confidence to think this could work for our family. We are starting with the child I am considering to be the easiest switch because she is the youngest. If we are successful with her who knows what crazy thing we might do next.

    33. Thanks, Brandi!

      Do let me know how you and your daughter go!

    34. Thank You! This is exactly the information I was looking for! Many thanks for writing down your process and sharing it with us!

    35. you are awesome.

      I've linked to your blog several times in my post here:


      Just kind of a pictorial on how we print and store our MEP math stuff :)

      amy in peru


      PS. In answer to Theresa's question about copy masters... a LOT of them are right out of the book. I LOVE it. I use them as much as I can! That way I can go over the problem with my kiddos and write it all out and then they get that extra reinforcement as they copy it all down. It also gives me extra room right on the page to do other little explanations if needed!

    36. I love this post. I had saved all the years to my netbook, but couldn't seem to find a spot to start at all. This is just what I need.
      I do have a quick question. The link to the binder you use won't work anymore. What is the name brand and where can you get one? I would love these binders for my 4 kiddos.
      Thanks again for a great post.

    37. Becky in Wisconsin20 July 2010 at 10:15

      I'm preparing to start MEP at home with my 6 year old and 8 year old next month, in the US. Your post is wonderful. All the details you have given, give me the confidence to get started. I know I will have all the materials ready when we start.

    38. Thank you for all this very helpful info. I am referring to your post a lot as I get this all ready for the school year.

    39. I love this post, you convinced me to try, really try this time to do this program. I was wondering when I do the number lines, do I need to connect the negatives, to the 0-9 and that to the 10-19? I want these to be the most effective. Thanks

    40. Hi jmlosievski! I never connected the numberlines, but I do think that it would have been a good idea to do so. They're not used much, but are incredibly helpful to have when needed.

      So glad you're giving MEP a try. We still really like the programme.

    41. Great write-up on MEP. I could have used it a few years ago when first starting to use MEP.

      I just gave you a shout-out on my education-can-be-free blog, FreelyEducate.com.

      Blessings! ~ Lori

    42. Hi Jeanne! Greetings from Japan.

      People love this post because this post is so informative! Like a cheat sheet to me, love it!


    43. I just knew someone had to have this info somewhere online-- thank you! I am finally breaking down and trying MEP with my learner that struggles with math. Your post explains things so clearly.

    44. I am just getting started with MEP. I printed out the shape cards on regular paper and am gluing them on cardboard. Can I put one set of shapes on one side of the cards, and the whole second set of shapes with the dots on the back of those same cards? Will I ever need those two sets at the same time? I hope my question makes sense. I'm tired of cutting and pasting! ;-0

      Thank you so much,

    45. Hi! I found this post through The Well-Trained Mind Forum. I'm about to begin MEP Y1 with my son and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks so much for your helpful tutorial! I'm saving this link for later. ~Amie in Alabama, US

    46. Thank you for posting this. It is great to have so detailed an explanation of this program. I would like to try it with my 10 year old daughter.

    47. Hi there! We do MEP too and we're loving it! Thank you for your insight and ideas about it.

    48. I am looking at MEP again for my ds5 twins. Thank you for your post, great info.

    49. OH I'm so glad I found this blogpost! I'll be reading this carefully!!!!!!

    50. Wow, this is a very helpful post. I wish I had read it before I started MEP rather than having to figure things out on my own. This is where I'll refer people in the future after I tell them how wonderful MEP is!

    51. Thank You.... we are starting tomorrow!

    52. Thanks for the information about MEP. I am planning to start my 5year old on it.

    53. Hi! Stopping by to check out this ost after seeing your recommendation on ao yahoo group. Thanks so much for all the information! I will be back to browse your blog again.
      Thanks again!

    54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    55. Thank you for sharing! I'm considering starting my son in Reception next year, but I'm still trying to figure out if it's really cheaper after I've printed everything out than if I went with a different curriculum. Still, I've heard the content of MEP is wonderful, so if it's not costing MORE, I'll probably go this route. I really appreciate seeing everything laid out as far as what I would need to do to get ready. Thanks!

    56. Thank you so much for having such a popular post that I could find this by googling in the US! :D I appreciate your willingness to detail this curriculum a bit more than the website itself. I was just referenced to try it out from a friend and I got so excited I printed everything we'll need for the first 30 pages of year 1 and we are ready to go tomorrow! :D

    57. Amazing! I just discovered you via http://maplehillacademy.blogspot.ca/2009/06/math-plan.html -- I am a member of the Reformed Presby Church in Canada (rpcottawa.org) and am just beginning our Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool journey (my oldest will be 5 in April).

      So happy to have discovered you :) I'm looking forward to exploring your blog.

      God bless,

    58. yes I am back and very much considering MEP! Thank you again forth is great post!

    59. Thank you so much for this MEP Math 101! I just printed up my files and will be starting with my son. I think this is just what he (and I!) need.

    60. I've been thinking over our math program and am deciding to move over to MEP from Math Mammoth. Question about the little bit at the top of each lesson plan- what do the R:..., C:..., E:... stand for? I still not very familiar with the website and I don't know if there is a specific spot where that is explained. Thanks! I would just post on the AO Forums, but since they are closed for Christmas I will forget about it by then :D

    61. Beth, R is Remedial, C is Core, E is extension. Chose the stream and aim to cover those bits in each lesson.

    62. This comment has been removed by the author.

    63. Thank you Jeanne! Now how do you know what parts of the lesson plan are set for which stream? For the most part I'm getting this figured out, and I'm very grateful for you posting this info, it has made it a lot easier to navigate and figure out what needs to be done and what not. Thanks again.

    64. i have been using MEP for about 6-7 years, but I cannot find this info. I was looking at the scope and sequence for a newly adopted son we just pulled out of the first grade:) I am trying to figure out where to start him (and I am pretty close, but now I just want to know where this info is!) Where does it say which lesson goes with which week? The scope and sequence sheet gives weeks and there is no reference to weeks in the lesson plans. Have any wisdom? Thanks again for this write up! It has been a great help in the past! Blessings! Renee

    65. Renee, if you look at the lesson plans, the week number is in the top right hand corner. Does that help?

    66. I thought that was daily lessons, cause they change every day...I did just multiply the weeks by five to figure out about where to start, but there is nothing concrete that I can find, so now it has turned into a mission:)

    67. Above the daily lesson number that you're looking at, it says 'Week1' etc. in small type.

    68. Ok, so I kept looking at Y1 online. It doesn't have the weeks, but I have a copy saved in my Kindle and it DOES have the weeks up top. Randomly checked other years, and they have it, so it seems its the update Y1 (which is what I needed-ha!) does not have the weeks. Phew, thanks for leading me in the right direction!

    69. This is so awesome! I'm still a little confused about a few things.. but I'm sure the longer I stare at the screen, the more I'll figure it out. :P

      This is really, really helpful. Really.

    70. Let me know if I can help, Catie!

    71. This comment has been removed by the author.

    72. This comment has been removed by the author.

    73. I *think* I figured out the copymaster question. :) Thanks again for this great post!

    74. I'm glad you sorted it out! I was writing a post to explain, but I don't need to now. :)

    75. The quick version - the copy masters are generally copies of work already in the practice book. Jemimah preferred writing on these if she had a choice, because the spaces were bigger. They are designed to be used by a teacher in front of a class.

      Other copy masters contain shapes and things for you to cut out. Still others

    76. I'm so glad you still responded to this. THAT'S what some of them are for--to cut out! :) Thank you, thank you! Your blog is so great. :)

    77. Thanks for this wonderful outline of how to get started with MEP. I'm really leaning to switching all my kids over this fall from Life of Fred & Rightstart. I'm tired of LOF's silly stories and although I like RightStart, I am really drawn to the straightforwardness of MEP.

      I just printed off the first lesson of Year 7 for my 2nd son (12 on Sept 2) and he just told me the questions were super simple (Logic Problems & Venn Diagrams) I'll have them do the test for Year 6 and see how they do.

      I wanted to point out that the video you linked to isn't working. I'd love to watch it if you can get it fixed up :)

      Lisa V in BC

    78. Thanks for the boost - this is so helpful. I feel intimidated, standing at the precipice of my first attempt with formal math lessons for my sons, but reading through this makes it a bit more approachable for me. I appreciate your insight and direction.

      The link to the Hungarian lessons no longer works. I got the correct address from the MEP yahoo group: https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/teaching-elementary-math-hungary

    79. Good info! Just going to start with my 7th grader in Year 7. Very helpful.

    80. This is such a neat site. Thanks for all the helpful info and I hope you're still responding. I really like the curriculum. It can be a good fit for my 12 yo. I'd like to start with her in Year 7 soon. There are three different lesson plans--labeled St., A and E. Do they stand for Standard, Advanced and Easy? My DS would be greatly benefit from a textbook that she can turn to, Where can I get it? I am waiting for approval to the yahoo group. Would you have the password to the password protected files to share with me while I wait? Thank you so much!

    81. Hello : the website appears to have been changed. Can you send me the correct link to the manipulatives that you suggest to print out and have on the ready? Thank you! - Al

    82. I tried to read through all the comments to make sure I'm not asking a question that has been addressed, but would you mind sharing which French maths resources you use? I am aspiring to learn and teach French and this idea intrigues me. Thank you!

    83. Thank you so much!! I keep looking at the website thinking I'll try and get my head around it...but don't.
      I want to start my 4 year old. Well, I don't really, she's BEGGING me. So i wanted something simple/free to start her.

      Thank you for doing so much of the thinking work out of how to start, for me!!

      1. You should check out the user guides available here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Edenacademyaus

    84. Homeschool-user-friendly guides available for MEP here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Edenacademyaus

    85. Thanks for sharing! Very helpful.

    86. Olá, muito obrigada pela sua disposição e tempo para compartilhar tudo isso conosco. Após 12 anos, este material está sendo útil para nosso início no MEP. Ano 1, com meu filho de 7 anos.

      Eu intencionalmente escrevo em português para que você saiba que abençoou uma família aqui no Brasil com o seu conhecimento. Thanks

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