22 Jun 2009

A novel idea

Oh, I totally want a set of these gorgeous penguin mugs.

I'd get these ones:

Country Life - blue
A Room of One's Own - purple
Pride and Prejudice - orange
Jane Eyre - orange
Nineteen Eighty Four - orange
The Body in the Library - green

Note the combination of great reads and good colour design in my choices...

Which would you choose to make your set of six - or would you get eight? Do let us know!


  1. Oh I think I'd go with Set C but at $24.95 each I don't think I will somehow...(do ya know how much coffee and chocolate that mount will buy? lol?)

    They are very nice...would make lovely gifts.

  2. Ah yes, Susan, this is strictly a hypothetical exercise...sigh

  3. Great mugs! I'd go for most anything not in yellow. My hubby refuses to drink out of a yellow mug. Go figure!

  4. those mugs are rather tempting!

  5. I like them too, but they remind me a bit of Monopoly!



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