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Papier Mache Magazine

Posted by Jeanne

I love reading online design mags - and not only because they're free either, although that does help...

The new Australian online children's mag, Papier Mache is particularly droolworthy. Take a peek at their new blog while you're visiting for more dangerously gorgeous goodies for your kiddies on an ongoing basis.

Ironically, I found out about it from Design Mom, who happens to be in America. Mind you, I was in Thailand at the time...and I'm writing this from Hong Kong...and I'll be home soon...and...


Ruby said...

Pleased to hear you are safe and on your way home.

amada said...
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amada said...

oh my wow. I love the magazine you linked to. I went ahead and subscribed to give it a try! I get SO much in my inbox, we'll see if it'll pass the test of becoming regular reading material. It sure is a pleasure for the eyes.

I'm glad you're practically back safe and sound. Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog! I'm sure it will be a blast getting to know you as we hear about your school adventures... we're practically right there with you!
tarapoto, peru

Hopewell said...

droolworthy...in the same sentence brings to mind ANY of these
Glad you are home!

Richele said...

I've tried that recipe and it works for preserving moms as well!

xo and safe and happy travel to your home sweet home.

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