4 Jun 2009

Poll results

Thank you to all of you who contributed to my little survery while we were away. I'd love to be able to show you the results, but for the time being you'll need to access them at this link:

The statistics:

Total votes: 75

What homeschooling looks like in our home: 33%
Aussie Living Book Reviews: 15%
Australianising AO: 13%
Learning French: 12%
General Living Book reviews: 9%
Literary Reflections: 9%
Reforming AO: 8%

I'll leave the poll open for another few days if you want to influence these results in any way...

Now: on to providing you what you want...

Only thing is, it is past midday; Miss Jemimah has only just woken from her jetlagged sleep, and no homeschooling at all is happening here at the mo. On the other hand, our lives are full of unpacking, washing, and uploading our photos onto the computer from our cameras.

Perhaps I should add another option to my poll:

Would you like to read about our holiday? Please reply in comments: Yes/No!!


  1. Welcome home. And all praise to our gracious God who has returned you safely!
    Yes - holiday pics and stories please.

  2. Don't make us beg! Please do tell us about your holidays - a big part of education to be sure!

    Per your comment: "tranquil" - are you sure you had the right family?

  3. Welcome back, tell us all about it.
    Louise V.

  4. It is an absolute must....looking forward to reading about your journey!

  5. Yes please, some nice pics and stories of your holiday would be nice:) Atleast that way I'll feel like I've been on a mid year holiday, hopefully:)

  6. Yes, we'd love to hear about your holiday! ♥


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