14 Jul 2009

Australia's First Prime Minister

For the first time, a nation for a continent
and a continent for a nation.
Barton campaign slogan.

And so the best educated homeschool mum is...drum roll... HomeGrownKids for being the only one to correctly identify Saturday's mystery man! Round of applause ringing out now!!

He was Edmund Barton, Australia's first Prime Minister. Here are a couple more pics:

Sir Edmund Barton by J.H. Chinner National Library of Australia

Of course Australians are not the only ones unable to recognise our first Prime Minister; Mama Squirrel blogs here that only 41% of Canadians can recognise a photo of theirs as well!

On the other hand, how many of us would recognise this handsome fellow?

Hmmm, Funny that.


  1. Ol' Uncle Ed!

    His portrait underneath is much more recognisable.

  2. Yep, Uncle Ed!! I struggle to call him by his nickname though - Tosspot Toby is soooooo disrespectful, no matter his penchant for the amber bottle!!

  3. That was very interesting!

  4. Yes, George is well-known, but after the "first 5" [and 4 of them are doubtful for most] who can name anyone again until Lincoln?? or after Lincoln until, MAYBE Teddy Roosevelt. I've joked about learning things in "the Ford" or "Carter administration" and my college students give me blank looks! Of course we're the most willfully ignorant nation on the planet any more....


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