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Remember them as you dry dishes

Posted by Jeanne

I'm placing an order for some of these stunning tea towels today. They're kinda expensive for wiping dishes on at AUS$20.00 each, but all so incredibly gorgeous...

The drawings are the work of fistula patients at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, and despite the fact that some of the artists had never even held a pencil before, they've done a beautiful job. The colours represent those on the Ethiopian flag along with the blue of the Hamlin Fistula logo, and the squares remind us of the patients' shawls. They're really quite classy...as far as tea towels go.

If you want to join me in purchasing one of these works of art you can get them on the Fund's website. If you need to know why you should spend $20.00 on a tea towel, read my earlier post here. Do make time to watch the video.

And do buy a tea towel.


Sarah said...

They look lovely...

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