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Gone shopping!

Posted by Jeanne

We're in Melbourne until Sunday. I'm away from my computer, my photo uploading programmes and my email. Blogging on a laptop with dial-up is not that much fun, I can tell you!!

On the other hand we're close to Brunswick Street, where we're heading for breakfast shortly. Brunswick Street Bookstore is there... We'll be going to Readings in Lygon Steet too. We're excited to be catching up with another CM family to tour the new Pompeii exhibition, A Day in Pompeii, at the Melbourne Museum tomorrow morning, and we've already eaten pizza at the wonderful Sicillian restaurant, Cafe Bedda - Bedduzza!

I may not be blogging much in the next couple of days, but we will be having fun and learning lots. Ah, the joys and freedom of homeschooling!

I leave you with this stunning image of Melbourne's skyline and promise to twitter to let you know what we're doing. See you later!

Image from here.


Mrs Adept said...

Oh - super jealous here. Hope Melbourne is heaps of fun for you. :)

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Thanks for the encouragement on our nature study plans. I hope we can stick with it this year.

You've got a great-looking blog. Australia is #1 on the list of places I'd love to see before I die.

Ruby said...

Melbourne looks fabulous, Jeanne.
Have a wonderful time.
I haven't been there but I know it has a lot of cultural things and food places so I am sure I would love it.
Plus they have the G!

joyfulmum said...

Enjoy! I must remember to visit your fave bookstore when I am next in Melbourne:) Ron would love it too, in fact, he would love it a lot more than me, for sure.

Jeanne said...

Do let me know when you're next down this way, any of you. I would love to meet up!!

Sue said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see what you find at those bookstores! Have fun!

Hopewell said...

Sounds wonderful--the exhibit and the "retail therapy." Beats the so-called shopping I accomplished at a southern Ohio mall last night--I'm sure!

Jeanne said...

I dare say I might be able to find something to purchase at a Southern Ohio mall! American Malls sound so...well...American somehow!! We just have plain old shopping centres around here.

Aussie Therese said...

oh have lots and lots of fun. I love shopping in Melbourne. I think it is one of my favourite shopping places.

hiki said...

hello! thank you for your friendly visit and comment on my blog :)
This is a really beautiful picture, it really amazes me how this look of the Melbourne city from the Swanston street has changed since I was living there nearly 10 years ago! Oh I miss Melbourne, and the cold weather - just for the moment though it's too hot here ;)

joyfulmum said...

Will let you know when I'm next your way as I'd love to "meet" you in real life:)

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