24 Aug 2009

AO2 Term 2 Exams


1. In your own words, tell as much as you can remember about Moses and Israel in the Wilderness
2. Scripture catechism questions on Moses – can you remember them all?
3. Tell me all about John the Baptist.
4. Can you remember your Scripture catechism questions about John?


1. Recite Psalm 19 to Daddy.
2. Westminster Catechism questions. How many can you get right?
3. Can you recite The Man from Snowy River?
4. Récites Genèse 1:1 et Psaume 19:1 en français à Maman.


1. Write the alphabet in lower case letters in your very best writing.
2., Please write, using your very best writing: “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.” Watch punctuation, slope and spacing.


1. Read for 5 minutes from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (700L)
2. Read for 5 minutes from A Wrinkle in Time (740L)

World History

1. What can you tell me about Bibles made of Stone and Glass?
2. Tell the story of Edward III of Winsor and the Siege of Calais.
3. How did Richard, the little duke escape from the King of France, and what happened next?
4. Illustrate one of the following:

a. Peter Waldo and the Waldensians;
b. Francis of Assisi; or
c. Bernard of Clairvaux.

Natural History and General Science

1. What have you learned about Pagurus, and how he grows to ‘become’ a hermit crab?
2. What has Seabird learned about whales?
3. What has been your favourite nature study topic and why?
4. Draw a picture of this animal / plant and label it in French.
5. Show your nature study book to Daddy and explain it to him.
6. Show your Astronomy notebook to Daddy and tell him some interesting things about the moon.

Literature and Tales

1. Tell the story of “All’s Well that Ends Well” or “Cymbeline”.
2. Tell the story of how Toad escaped from prison and got home to his friends again.
3. Which was your favourite character and why?
4. What happened to Pilgrim and Faithful at Vanity Fair?
5. Tell the story of one of the following:

a. The Dragonfly Grub in “Not Lost, but Gone Before”;
b. The Weather-cock and the Sundial in “Active and Passive”or
c. The Sea and the Vapours in “The Circle of Blessing.”

Australian literature/geography

1. Which of the people Del and Bushbo met in their travels was your favourite? Tell about what happened when they met.
2. Can you show me on a map where he lives?
3. Tell me about Wurrunna the Daen and some of the adventures he had on his travels to strange places.


1. Complete review sheet 40
2. Complete French maths sheet – Problèmes pour chercher.
4. Count as high as you can in French in tens.
5. Recite your eight times table.


1. Have a look at this picture of animals in the country and describe in French.
3. Sing the song, A quelle heure part le train and explain what it’s about.

Picture Study (Sidney Nolan)

1. What is the name of the artist we studied this term? Where did he live?
2. Describe your favourite picture from this term's picture study and explain why you like it.
3. Can you draw one of his others?

Composer Study (Vivaldi)

1. What is the name of the composer we have been studying this term? What can you tell me about his life?
2. Tell me a bit about the orphanage he worked at.


1. Sing all the songs from this term in front of Daddy.
2. Play three songs on the recorder, including one that uses your new notes.


1. Show Daddy your knitted purse.
2. Do you know the names of the stitches you used?


  1. Do you write your questions as you go through the term? Or do you do it all right before exam time?
    Do you do exams every three months?
    Thanks for posting these questions, it helps a lot!

  2. Thank you for sharing what you write for exams. I learn a lot about exam week through you, which has been most helpful! xxx

  3. I write the questions at the end of the term. I noticed I was getting formulaic with them this time round though. I will try to do a better job next term!

    You'll find all of AO1 and AO2 to date under the Our Curriculum tab above, and if you click on the Examinations category at the right you'll get some of Jemimah's actual answers as well.

    We do exams at the end of each 12 week term.

  4. You were the inspiration behind adding exams to our CM education and I'm glad we did. Does Jemimah continue to enjoy her exams as much as we enjoy reading about them?

    Funny pangram!

  5. Wonderful exam questions!
    We won't have ours until another eight weeks.

  6. This is an awesome test~!! I am very blown away by it actually. I also feel inadequate too ------ but we can work on that. :) I can learn a TON from you about exam week. :) Thanks so much~!!

  7. Thank you for your exam! We haven't followed AO2 exactly this year because I have too many kids too close to the same age to do all the reading of AO0, AO1 and AO2, but this gives me a jumping off point. Love your blog!


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