25 Aug 2009

Horse Crazy

I think a certain horse obsessed seven year old might quite like the Horse Crazy books written by wonderful Aussie author Alison Lester and illustrated by the equally talented Aussie illustrator Roland Harvey. Has anybody seen them? Anyone's kids read them?

In Book 1, The Silver Horse Switch we meet Bonnie and Sam. The two girls are best friends, and they're both Horse Crazy! The girls know all the horses in their small Australian town of Currawong Creek: Whale, Biscuit, Bella, Blondie and Tex, just to name a few. They befriend them all. All except Drover. Drover used to be a wild horse - a brumby - and Drover is not friends with Bonnie and Sam. Drover is not friends with anyone.

Read more about Drover here.

Then one day the two girls notice something strange about Drover. They begin to suspect that Drover might not be Drover at all...


  1. As soon as I clicked on the clip I recognized Roland Harvey's great illustrations! I remember his great cards years ago. Jemimah will love the book! My boys are not horsey (they enjoy a ride when they go to the farm) but like Jemimah my girls, especially D1, were crazy on themm as I was back in the day.
    I do hope this was scheduled, and you weren't actually up at 1am Jeanne?

  2. I was up at 1 am - but not writing my blog! Perhaps I need to check my settings...well, my computer's settings!

  3. Don't worry Jeanne, it's probably my end!
    My reader said it was posted 6 hours ago (when I read it around 7). Carry on!!!
    I need to get to bed VERY early so I am always fascinated by people working away at that hour of the night.

  4. I guess I should start distributing Aussie kids-lit here.


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