8 Aug 2009

Mother Culture 1

Jemimah gave up her afternoon nap when she was 4 ½ years old, and with it went my daily 2 hour block of quiet time with the Lord.

I used to love this time alone with Him. Sometimes I used it to read the Christian classics - I read Ryle's Practical Religion; Grace and its fruits - Selections from John Calvin on the Pastoral Epistles; Truth's Victory over Error by David Dickson and Ryle's Holiness during this time, I remember, amongst others.

Mostly, though, I spent this time immersed in his Word. I used my favourite commentaries, the Welwyn Commentary Series by Evangelical Press. This 49 volume series is huge, amounting to more than 12,000 pages, but I know of no better aid to the practical exposition and exhortation of Scripture than this wonderful Reformed commentary.

When the nap disappeared, so did the Commentary - sadly. It was not planned, in fact I was half way through the volume on Luke at the time, but suddenly I realised that I hadn't spent personal time with my Heavenly Father for weeks, and as my walk with Him had slipped so had my reliance on Him for my daily needs. I needed to do something achievable - and quickly!

It was at that time that I began reading Daily Readings From All Four Gospels by J C Ryle compiled by Robert Sheehan. Taking only about 10 minutes morning and night this, combined with Family Devotions and our Church Homegroup, was enough to get me back on track, and now on its third time through, I continue to find Ryle's wisdom a continual blessing in my life.

I now spend 10-15 minutes reading this wonderful book and the accompanying portions of Scripture and praying morning and night. This personal time is what keeps me going through my busy day, and I rarely miss it.

It is a far cry from 2 hours a day though, and this is what I'm getting at...

With my family away skiing for ten days I realised last night that I get my Welwyn time back again - I'm so excited!

Last night I chose an unread commentary from my bookshelves, Gordon Keddie's Even in Darkness - Judges and Ruth simply explained. I picked it for two reasons - Gordon Keddie, pastor of Southside Reformed Presbyterian Church spoke at the Geelong Bible Conference last year, and I enjoyed hearing him very much. (He even signed my book!) Secondly, and more practically, this volume is short and is divided into fourteen chapters. If I read one or two each day with its accompanying Scripture passages I should be done when it is time to welcome my family back home! Yay!

So, my plan for this, my first real day of holiday:
  1. A long hot bubble bath followed by breakfast outside in the winter sunshine (yes, I know it is already 10:32 am - who cares?)
  2. A chapter of Even in Darkness, however long it takes and whatever rabbit trails it takes me along.
  3. A browse in a new for me secondhand bookstore.
  4. Don't know what 4 will be!!


  1. For everything there is a season, Jeanne. Two hours is precious and before you know it Jemimah will be up and you will once again enjoy that sort of time. But for now, He gently leads those with young....
    We have a few of the Welwyn series which I have read and a few I haven't including Even in Darkness. I remember I particularly got a lot out of the very practical one on James.
    Have a blessed Lord's Day!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend your time. It will relax you, fill you up and give you the Lords peace and prescence to carry you through days when you may not have this amount of time!

    BTW, you're in my google reader too:)

  3. What a wonderful way to spend your time, Jeanne, and I'm sure that the Lord will bless your efforts abundantly. ☺

  4. Beautiful Jeanne...precious time spent with your Father!

  5. A wise woman (who'd had five girls in six years and is now in her 80s) told me of how she had yearned for her long quiet times with the Lord. He showed her that just one verse, taken in the morning would nourish her through the day (along with constant calling on His name).

    It doesn't matter how early I get up to spend time with the Lord, Luca always wakes up. Even after my boys stopped napping, I have kept them on an afternoon quiet time schedule where they can read, draw or listen to stories on cd in their rooms.

  6. "This 49 volume series is huge, amounting to more than 12,000 pages, but I know of no better aid to the practical exposition and exhortation of Scripture than this wonderful Reformed commentary." Wow! I work in Christian University WITH A SEMINARY and don't have this!!!

    Don't worry, time alone with the Lord will return to you. Right now he knows you are a Mom! Remember to call on him for the little things, to express thanks, and most of all Know that he is Lord..


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