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Save Colac Library

Posted by Jeanne

This is priceless! Take a look...

P.S. I found it on my cousin's Facebook page - apparently her hubby knows many of these folk.

P.P.S. Oh, for those of you who don't know, Colac's about 15 minutes from my parents' place.


joyfulmum said...

Colac is one of our fave towns to visit when in Vic. I love the op shops there and have found some great books at bargain prices there!
I'll have to pass this you tube clip onto some of my relo's down there.

joyfulmum said...

What a shame they are closing down the public library!
and is that lady "really" playing the drums? :)
"priceless" as you say:)

Ruby said...

That's why I still call australia home. Aren't they troopers! They could be any group of bush whackers in any aussie country town.

Hopewell said...

EXCELLENT!! Maybe we should send this to Governor Strickland next year!!!

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