8 Aug 2009


My goodness - 2009 must be the year that film directors make over our favourite children's books! First there was Spike Jonze with Where the Wild Things Are; then we heard about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland; and just today I read about Fantastic Mr Fox directed by Wes Anderson.

We're big fans of Roald Dahl in this house. The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are Jemimah's all time faves. Matilda is one of mine. We don't know Fantastic Mr Fox, but it looks like we have until spring to get it read before the movie is released!

Looking good...

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  1. Hi Jeanne,
    We enjoy Roald Dahl's books here too. I can remember my 5th grade teacher reading aloud Danny the Champion of the World to my class, definitely one of my favourites! We also LOVE Fantastic Mr Fox - I'm sure you're daughter will too. The relationship between Mr Fox and his wife is so sweet! My children will be so excited when I tell them there is a movie coming out!

    Enjoy your time alone... Melanie x


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