13 Aug 2009

Mother Culture 5

I'm having lunch with unbecominglily.

Jeana and Jeanne.


I'm sick of writing about me this week, and you're probably sick of reading about me. Jeana is much more interesting than me, so hop on over and read about her instead.

You can see how clever she is too, in her shop. Go on, take a look there too.

You know you want to.

Maybe some of her cleverness will rub off on me. Do you think?

Image from Unbecominglily.


  1. thanks Jeanne! I had a really, really lovely time. thanks for enjoying the beautiful day with me and my small people :)



  2. Wow... you have blogging friends you know IRL!!!
    I guess you knew them first? before you started blogging or through blogging> Very cool!

  3. Hi Ruby, Jeana and I go to the same church!! (Yes, you'd like her!) We both started blogging independently though.

  4. You are blessed! I'm jealous, I'd like to know her too. I find her blog inspirational.


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