13 Aug 2009

Be still, my beating heart.

Beyond bluestockings made this recommendation in a recent post:
For this activity, if it is at all in your power, purchase for your children a large set of colour pencils. Twelve pencils is a desperate kind of torture to a child who loves to use colour. Thirty-six is better, but a set of fifty Crayola will set you back about $20 and bring hours of unmitigated joy.
Well, BB, what do you think about this set? Isn't it enough to make you hyperventilate?

From Japanese Design house Felissimo:
The group consists of 500 pencils, each crafted with serene specificity so that no hue has gone uncaptured. Upon ordering on a subscription basis, the pencils begin to arrive in an assortment of 25 similar hues. Over the 19 months that follow, the collection evolves slowly and intentionally into a rainbow’s array of possibility.
You know, when I was a 10 year old I thought that my life would be perfect if only I had that beautiful box of 72 Derwent coloured pencils. When I finally received them one Christmas I discovered that perfection didn't come quite so easily.

Now, perhaps if Santa had brought 500...


  1. SUPER pictures!!! It's worth it to buy excellent art supplies for a simple reason: they WILL be used. Nothing worse than cheap colored pencils or ungrippable pastels....

  2. B.Bs Art posts have inspired me to start some more serious art. I got the boys a 36 set of very nice pencils ( to replace the HUNDREDS of pencils) we've accumulated over the years. I guess we are not that arty as they were not overly impressed, except that the better quality sharpened better!
    This set however is extra ordinary!

  3. Hmm rather a case of overkill, don't you think? I mean, how many shades of white does a girl need? Really!! They are pretty though, aren't they?

    Ruby, it is nice to have you home. I look forward to hearing what your boys have to say about art. BB's art posts are tempting me as well, but I just can't fit anything more in this year...

  4. Lovely pictures! I agree with buying good art supplies. We like Prang pencils. I think I would be overwhelmed with soooo many color choices!!


  5. We are going backward. I just got three Stockman watercolors - only the primaries. We'll do some wet on wet painting with just one color to kick off Term 1.

    As a girl, I dreamed of the 64 color box of Crayola's with the built-in sharpener in the back. "Midnight Blue" was and still is my favorite color.

    What's yours, Jeanne?

  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! I'd like to have so many crayola pencils in my classroom (because all children in my class LOVE art activities :-))

  7. LOL!!! The most aptly named post, ever! :D

    If I received such a treasure as a child, I would have positively sobbed with joy: as an adult it would still send me into raptures, the only thing would be that I would become anxious when they started to lose the uniform size....and when the children let them roll off the table... and....and...

    May God grant me enough colour pencils that I'm not tempted to steal, but not so many that I can't bear to lose them ;)

    Excellent pictures, Jeanne: thanks so much for sharing them with me, and for the chuckle! :D

  8. Oh - they look so lovely.

    I just went and bought a packet of Derwents the other day.

    From past experience - Prang do a good pencil. Not sure where I could find any now though.

  9. lovely pictures!!!
    I love pencils :)
    We use stockmar & lyra. They really are lovely.


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