15 Aug 2009

One more sleep

...and they'll be home again.

With me.

Where they belong.

So here's Mem Fox reading - well singing - her new book, 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes. If you play it to your kiddywinks tonight, you can do so knowing that Jemimah and her Daddy will be home really soon.

Thanks for putting up with my totally self-centred frivolous posts this last ten days.

I'll be back to my serious and sensible homschooling posts very soon.

I just hope that I'm in time.


  1. In time?
    To salvage your sensible reputation?
    10 days wow!!! Have a great week, Jeanne. I know you will appreciate them so much and they you.
    Blessings this Lord's Day!

  2. Exactly, Ruby - before you all walk away thinking: What a frivolous air-head she is!!

  3. No!! Only loving, kind and pure thoughts, Jeanne!

    I am sure you are now bathed in the sunshine that is your family!

  4. My sensible, serious little three year old LOVED this song! :) Thanks for sharing.


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